My Suggestion


For starters, I just started playing this game couple weeks ago and the reasons why I joined where the following:

  1. Like PG but with better battling system with real time PVP with random team selection.
  2. I could play from the comfort and safety of my home (spoofing) without:
    a. walking around,
    b. using phone data
    c. Draining my phone battery.
    d. without looking like a Zombie on the streets in bad weather, etc.
    e. in any place in the world with the best playing environment. For instance, I live in a little town in Canada but my favorite spot in Central Park in NY. LOL

Obviously, I’m sharing this because while the developers have improved a lot from PG. They don’t seem to have learn all the lessons from PG. When developers refused to do what customers wanted, the players left PG in masses and while people say the game is still popular is not even close to what it was or what it could have been.

Ideally, you should make the game that people can play from their home and spoof any place in the world. Ideally, you should have Dinos to be easier to find in certain locations and make those locations “few” but well prepared/designed for people to enjoy the hunting.
For instance, you could create a place in “Brazil” where you could find a herd of Dinos passing by and occasionally maybe running away from a TRex.

Still, I personally don’t enjoy the hunting but I guess that could be an improvement.
Also, you should have leagues where people can participate with random legendary dinos (pure luck and skill), no hunting needed.