My suggestions as a monthly sub purchaser

In no particular order:

  1. XP leveling curve: Despite the improvement on an earlier patch it’s still way to punishing. Based on my experience starting as F2P the wall came in a couple hours at level 4. After I subbed the wall came after about 30 more minutes of play at level 5. Even if you sub the progression is painfully slow after level 5 due to slow gold accumulation. Which brings me to my next suggestion…

  2. Gold accumulation: It’s too hard to accumulate gold, even as a sub. Gold is the main resource in this game and is the bottleneck to leveling. Combine this with the punishing XP leveling curve above and you have a recipe for stagnation.

  3. VIP perks: So after going F2P and hitting the wall at level 4 I decided to sub a month to see how it would improve my experience. Sadly, it hasn’t improved it much. The only 2 things VIP status does is allow for a free basic tier chest once every 4 hours and add a CHANCE to get an extra bonus in a chest (gold, gems, etc.). The chance is pretty small as it doesn’t proc too often. How to make VIP better: Allow the timed unlocking of 4 chests at a time for VIP instead of 1. Increase gold drop rates by a certain factor or perhaps a daily “income” of gold.

Anyway these are my main 3 gripes… err I mean suggestions right now. I totally understand that Devs will often keep these types of games punishingly hard at first to maximize whale income. I get it. In fact if I ran one of these games I’d probably do the same thing LOL. However, we don’t have a huge selection of licensed mobile D&D games so I feel this title should be more of a prize than a cash cow. What I mean is that these mobile games can quickly lose reputation and never get it back. Why not make the necessary changes to bring in huge swaths of players? Start by increasing the VIP perks. Right now I am honestly not seeing the VIP incentive. Also, over the long term, try to narrow the gap between F2P and whaling. Don’t eliminate it by any means, just make sure this game, the IP which we all know and love, doesn’t get lost among the huge trash heap of extreme mobile P2W.