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☆ My suggestions for pvp

Hi, Ludia.

I hope the battle length of the pvp will be longer.
In today’s pvp, the DMG is generally so powerful that even the battle ends with a single attack by the AoE dealer. This may be one of the reasons for dissatisfaction with the mismatch because the battle ends without doing anything. Also, the meaning of the strategy has been tarnished. Just a powerful attack!
Therefore, my opinion, in pvp, needs to lower the DMG overall.
It is ‘also’ necessary to attach healing potion to the chest armors. Once in a battle/challenge. For example, potion of healing(common), greater healing(rare), superior healing(epic) and supreme healing(legendary)


Wouldn’t that make your average PvP battle take forever?
If everyone has access to healing armor, and the damage is reduced you would also have to get rid of the floor burning.
Even with current stats, some battles are decided by who is on the center line more than who is technically strongest. Just because we’ve both become so hard to kill. I think it would just draw it out.

Why do you think the Batle Fire should be removed? I think the Battle Fire is an essential factor for the 3-range dealer not to do free deal. It is also a factor not to make the game too long.
As the overall DMG decreases, the healing power also decreases.
Barb’s spear dmg will also be lowered, making it harder to survive.
It won’t be as loose as you think.

The main reason I gave this opinion is that I am dissatisfied with the current system in which wins and losses are decided upon the start. I didn’t even do any action!
There’s no strategy or tactics here.
Now, luck for 1st turn is much greater than strategy and tactics.


Good suggestions @Dungeoneer. I’ve said before that there are those few rare matches where each side is making keen moves, there actually is strategy involved and superior skill governs like a mini chess match.

However, by far most games are obviously predestined and determined who is going to win, baring real dumb play, making the bulk of pvp really like a game of Tic Tac Toe. First player takes middle square and would have to be a real noob to lose baring a really unusual string of “random” proc failures.


Fully agree @Dungeoneer

Generally speaking I’d love to see any kind of effect for the armours! It would add some more strategy to this game.

Not really removed I guess, but delayed ( the fire) . I would love to see the body armor have an effect.

I was just thinking that right now, battles are often decided by who claims the center line first. If you can hold it, you can just burn your opponent. I’ve lost to lower level people just because of it.

If you give body armor healing properties, and reduce spell duration and weapon damage, the two would equalize a bit. The battles would take a long time. Hence the floor would need to take longer to burn. If that makes sense?

While it is almost irrelevant in most matches, on occasions where each side is laden with tanks and healers the Fire has been a reasonable (I agree not perfect) way to being these potentially perpetual matches to conclusion. While I agree 1-round matches are terrible, I also do not favor the 8 minute bore-a-thons.

Fixing the connectivity issues should be the first priority.

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I agree @Badger. Connectivity Issues should have been corrected long ago. I am fortunate this has not affected my PvP play. I also understand (but cannot confirm) they remain unwilling to refund impacted players. Watching progress on the potential Class Action being discussed will be interesting. Legal movement could compel associated parties like Google, Apple, WotC, Hasboro to sever ties.