My Suggestions/Ideas

After having played this game for 2 months or so, I have some suggestions and ideas that I believe could improve the overall quality and player experience. My ideas range from improvements on the map to game play during battles. I’m not sure if some of these have been suggested before but here I go…


  • Ability to view how long members have been offline for (helps remove inactive members).
  • Ability to see how many donations each member has contributed/requested (to weed on free loaders that do not contribute to others).
  • Ability to have a rank system within the Alliance. Right now, you have the leader and then members. Maybe adding “Officers” with Alliance administration capability would be good
  • Some messages that does not violate the community guidelines are blocked. For instance, responding about how donation amounts are determined, I replied that “Probably based on player level.” and it was deemed against community guidelines.


  • Revamp the battle/damage system. Instead of a baseline damage output, the damage could be within a specified range, for example, 10% above and below the listed damage. For instance, my L20 Indominus Rex does 948 damage. Damage done would be either from 853 to 1043, based on my 10% above/below damage range. This reduces the cookie cutter battles and adds more variety to the battles.
  • All dinosaurs should have a evasive/dodge percentage (very low) based on their speed. Slower dinosaurs generally have more health and/or armor. Faster dinosaurs only have a change at attacking first in most cases and can be slowed, losing that advantage. They generally have less health and armor and most are likely to be slowed. Giving them a little evasive/dodge ability would help their survivability. Their speed could be a baseline multiplier to determine their percentage.


  • Ability to sort dinosaurs based on alphabetical order and rarity (in addition to level).
  • When donating DNA to other members in your Alliance, removal of the popup/screen on coins earned should be removed. Mini animation for my coin total increasing is more than enough and would remove having to tap on the screen in between every single donation.
  • Force GPS update. Occasionally, GPS will not update. This occurs between switching to other apps and even when doing different things in the game. The common fix is reloading the game.


  • Prevent dinosaurs from spawning on top of strike event points. Selecting these dinosaurs is almost impossible as the strike event covers most and will be selected instead.
  • When you have reached max attempts on an event, those should no longer show up on the map.
  • When you have completed all battles from a strike event, those should no longer show up on the map (unless you failed and choose to pay to retry).

Good points.
But i disagree with your suggestions on the battle system.
Please never ever let my 1000dmg hit be based on RNG … i can already see the “crying posts and wining” in the forum about a 1000 dmg attack only hitting for 910 and the enemy survived with 10 hp. No pls no.

I also dont think fast dinos should get more dodge then slower once.
Fast dinos can already hit first and deal tons of damage, giving them more dodge then slower tanks/crushers would put them on top off the food chain again without drawbacks.

Patch 1.5 was pretty good at balancing things out.
We have a good - rock, scissor, paper, car, lizzard, mr.spook counter system.


There are many times where a dinosaur will survive on single or double digits health points already. Adding the damage range wouldn’t be any different. Sure, it’ll occur a little more but that just adds a little fun to the battle system.

Stating that a faster dinosaur shouldn’t have a dodge percentage as it’ll make them too powerful is baffling. Most can be slowed and damage output reduced through the opposing dinosaur’s abilities. Adding a dodge percentage based on their speed, and maybe their dinosaur level versuses the opponent’s dinosaur level, is a great idea. It doesn’t make them stronger at all. And some of the slower dinosaurs have the higher damage output anyways. All this would do is make it slightly more realistic and places more emphasis on the player’s skill level (selecting the right abilities, swapping dinosaurs, etc).

U find on my S7 that hitting the recent button then reselecting JWA is enough to force the gps to refresh.

I’d also like the supply stop inside the strike event to retain its type i.e. still be a park stop, spawning park dinos even while it is a strike stop.

I really like this and have suggested it myself in the past. Problem is that there is enough rng hate that it’ll never happen

Not sure if I like this because of the RNG involved, what if it was skill based? Both players pick their attacks, then some sort of pendulum (or whatever) appears and you have to tap as close to center as you can. The more accurate you are, the more damage you do.

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