My suggestions


Just some thoughts which I think would help the game.

  1. Walking or cycling should help speed up incubators. Give people an incentive to actually get out and about looking for dinosaurs.

  2. Introduce a lure system similar to PoGo. It would help generate dinosaurs when out walking and for those players who are housebound.

  3. Make each Arena level specific to the level of dinosaurs playable. So for instance, Fallen Kingdom might restrict teams to level 1-3, and increasing as the player moves up through the Arenas. This would help balance out teams as players progress.

  4. Instead of having to load up each dinosaur in the collection, could we have a way to just swipe left/right instead?

4a. A lot of time is wasted with loading screens and transitions. Could these be reduced/sped up somehow?

  1. At some point I’m sure we’ll see marine reptiles. Could these perhaps have a separate aquatic range of Arenas for them rather than an odd marine reptile vs dinosaur mashup? Might sound trivial but I think it would make more sense.

  2. Introduce factions for a player to belong to. DPG, Ingen/Mazrani, Biosyn and perhaps a naughty hunters faction? Perhaps we could then have events where the winning faction gets bonuses/rewards? Something to bring players together as a faction.

  3. Not everyone has ARCore to have the 3D video/photo opportunities. So with that in mind, how about an option to take a static image of the dinosaur on the camera for those of us with limited AR phones?

Flying and swimming dinosaurs

All but 3 and 7 are good ideas. The pvp system is messed up enough. And the arcore thing is not that big of a deal right now. Bigger things that need to be fixed first


I’d personally like to interact with my assets. ie. virtual petting, feeding, naming etc.


7 is just a personal thing.

3 is a much needed addition in my opinion. It would fix so many issues with the balance in the Arenas. We would at last be playing against balanced match ups.


I hope that ludia will include flying and swimming dinosaurs​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m fairly certain they will in time. Youtuber Pocemon (who works for Metahub I believe) did a video a while back showing the names of pterosaurs that would be appearing at some point.