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My T-Rex has a critical chance of 0%

For the past couple months my T-Rex has not hit a crit with anything. It’s a very bad problem as a T-Rex is good in mid level arenas but when it doesn’t work it’s trash. As solutions?

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Switch it out. What does your team look like?

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Mine usually only likes to crit when it’s unnecessary. Like when my opponent has 500 health left.

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I got monostego, stegodus, postdemetridon, tryostronix, raptor, T-Rex, paramolach, and Indominus

Can we see a screenshot?

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its not the crits i worry about its the survivability. what a joke they made out of her. please ludia give her a real buff!!

There’s place for that Raja in your team…

About the crits, I have that problem with Ankylocodon…


My tryo doesn’t like to crit either.

It’s almost like I used it too much and the luck ran out

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T-Rex is or used to be the Godzilla of the jungle. She’s the grandpapi for all the Dino’s, but Ludia has made her a laughingstock. Slow out of the gate, crits only when we are in a blue moon phase and has become a one hit wonder. Why, because she’ll only get one good hit before taken down by just about any other Dino now. I babied my Trex from an egg all the way to lvl 29 adulthood and guess what. I’ve benched her. There sits a once super power of the jungle all because Ludia thinks having a small brown pest , aka Draco Gen2 is the next best thing to sliced bread. Or maybe it is just a “gross miscalculation “ and they’ll fix that right away. NOT

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Raja should go in for Velociraptor, it can lose to all creatures that can slow other dinosaurs

My T-rex used to be an headliner since she used to crit alot before the latest update. Now not so much so she is in there for scarying those who rely on Instant Invincibility or any other form of shield.

The crits are the least of her worries. Rexy killed two raptors 25 years ago without much trouble but dies to them in two turns in this game.

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The best way to use t-rex and get multiple attacks with it is to slow down your opponent before they drop whatever dino you have in, and then bring in t-rex so you’ll get the 1st attack and have rampage ready with full health. If that rampage crits, your opponent will be scrambling. Its a very situational dino. Mine is about 280 DNA from hitting level 30.