My Take On A Fanmade Update

The Canada Update
The Canada Update brings new creatures, and features into Jurassic
World Alive and other things to help improve the game!

What’s New

  • New Tournament Rules
  • New Raid
  • New Creatures

Whats Improved

  • Ability Updates
  • Creature Updates
  • Tons of bugs Fixed (Although these won’t be mentioned in the fake update)

Some tournaments from here on out will have certain restrictions like no creatures with a specific ability, creatures from a specific class can only be used and even creatures with specific move effects like creatures that only have rending attacks.

A total of 4 non hybrids and 4 hybrids will be coming to this update all of the non hybrids being found from Canada in real life!

Edmontonia - Common
Health: 4050
Attack: 1000
Speed: 109
Armor: 20%
Critical: 5%
Superior Vulnerability, Group Taunting Shield Impact, Decelerating Counter
Speed Decrease Resistance: 100%
Vulnerability Resistance: 100%

Mastodon - Rare
Hp: 4200
Attack: 1100
Speed: 113
Armor: 10%
Critical: 5%
Persistent Ferocious Strike, Resilient Impact, Instant Rumble
Vulnerability Resistance: 25%

Daspletosaurus - Rare
Health: 4350
Attack: 1700
Speed: 108
Armor: 0%
Critical: 20%
Definite Strike, Defense Shattering Impact, Definite Rampage
Speed Decrease Resistance: 75%
Stun Resistance: 50%
Vulnerability Resistance: 100%

Pachyrhinosaurus - Epic
Health: 4950
Attack: 1000
Speed: 106
Armor: 25%
Critical: 5%
Distraction, Greater Stunning Strike, Devastation, Swap In Stunning Strike
Speed Decrease Resistance: 100%
Swap Prevention Resistance: 33%
Vulnerability Resistance: 50%

Inostonia - Epic
Hybrid Ingredients: Inostherium + Edmontonia
Health: 3900
Attack: 1100
Speed: 125
Armor: 15%
Critical: 10%
Determined Strike, Mutual Fury, Group Shattering Impact, Revenge Impact, Decelerating Counter
DoT Resistance: 25%
Distraction Resistance: 50%
Speed Decrease Resistance: 75%
Vulnerability Resistance: 25%

Albertotherium - Epic
Hybrid Ingredients: Albertosaurus + Elasmotherium
Health: 4350
Attack: 1450
Speed: 107
Armor: 20%
Critical: 20%
Shielded Taunting Strike, Fierce Impact, Decelerating Impact, Killer Instinct
Speed Decrease Resistance: 100%
Vulnerability Resistance: 50%

Albertotrodon - Unique
Hybrid Ingredients: Albertosaurus + Postimetrodon
Health: 4350
Damage: 1400
Speed: 115
Armor: 0%
Critical 30%
Fierce Strike, Group Ferocity Strike, Killer Instinct, Fierce Impact
DoT Resistance: 50%
Speed Decrease Resistance: 100%
Stun Resistance: 100%
Swap Prevention Resistance: 100%
Vulnerability Resistance: 50%

Daspletomimus - Unique
Health: 4050
Attack: 1600
Speed: 127
Armor: 0%
Critical: 25%
Definite Strike, Cunning Rampage, Definite Rampage, Instant Distraction, Swap In Dodge

Hybrid Ingredients: Daspletosaurus + Monomimus
DoT Resistance: 100%
Distraction Resistance: 25%
Speed Decrease Resistance: 50%
Stun Resistance: 100%
Swap Prevention Resistance: 100%
Vulnerability Resistance: 100%

The Vicious Albertosaurus will appear on fridays for an extremely challenging rare raid.


Instant Invincibility: cooldown reduced from 3 to 2
Delayed Revenge Distracting Rampage: name changed to Revenge Distracting Rampage
Group Taunting Shield Impact: cooldown reduced from 2 to 1
Taunting Rampage: Delay reduced from 1 to 0
Taunt Shattering Rampage: Cooldown Reduced from 2 to 1
Caustious Cunning Rampage: Name changed to Instant Cunning Rampage

Albertosaurus: Health reduced from 4350 to 4200, damage reduced from 1750 to 1650, Critical reduction resistance reduced from 100% to 0%, DoT resistance reduced from 50% to 0%, Swap prevention resistance reduced from 100% to 0%, Vulnerability resistance increased from 25% to 75%.
Inostherium: Health increased from 3000 to 3600, Speed decreased from 131 to 127, Critical chance increased from 5% to 15%, Critical reduction resistance increased from 0% to 100%, DoT resistance decreased from 50% to 0%, Stun resistance increased from 0% to 50%, Vulnerability resistance increased from 0% to 100%, Group Distraction replaced with Group Shattering Impact, Revenge Impact changed to Revenge Rampage
Stygidaryx: Health increased from 4050 to 4200, Damage increased from 1000 to 1200, Resilient Strike Changed to Shielded Decelerating Strike, Lethal Swoop changed to Fierce Impact, Cleansing Swoop changed to Lethal Rampage And Run.
Skoonasaurus: Health Decreased from 5850 to 5700, Speed increased from 107 to 108, Speed Decrease resistance decreased from 75% to 100%, Stun resistance decreased from 100% to 67%, Swap prevention resistance decreased from 67% to 0%, Vulnerability resistance increased from 50% to 100% Instant Group Distraction Impact changed to Restricted Group Distraction, Medium Resilient Counter changed to Medium Nullifying Counter.
Phorurex: Health reduced from 4050 to 3600, Damage reduced from 1600 to 1450, Armor increased from 0% to 5%, critical chance decreased from 15% to 10%, Speed decrease resistance reduced from 50% to 0%, Swap prevention resistance increased from 50% to 100%, Lethal Rampage And Run changed to Delayed Rampage And Run, Alert Rending Lockdown changed to Swap In Savagery, Stunning Obstruction changed to none.

I really hope you enjoyed my fake update! This took me a while to make and personally I am really proud of it, let me know how you feel about the update in the comments I am taking criticism!


This all seems great except I dont think alberto needs a nerf

I’ll talk about the creature changes first:

Bert: He doesn’t need that. This is a heavy nerf for a barely used creature. Really only things that need changing is Crit Reduction Resistance to 0 and Vulnerable to Immunity.

Ino: Should get Revenge Fierce Impact for Revenge impact, and keep Group Distraction. The other changes are fine.

Daryx: You have somehow made Daryx worse. HP increase was good, but it should have Lethal Wound and keep Cleansing Swoop. That CS is a VERY good move.

Skoona: It should get Medium Decelerating Counter, not Medium Nullifying Counter. Other than that it’s a good Rework.

Phoru: No armor on this chicken. Other than that, good nerf.

Now for the new creatures:
Edmon: I like it, though maybe 900 damage due to the counter and Superior Vulnerability.

Mastodon: Give it 50%+ Vulnerability resistance. Anything less is useless. Also maybe GDI for RI?

Daspletosaurus: Definite Rampage is awful. Change that to either Fierce Rampage, Defense Shattering Rampage, or something new.

Pachyrhino: HP to 4650. Also that turn 1 is awful. But the GSS and D help a lot. I would remove Pin Resistance completely.

Inostonia: Change Revenge Impact to Revenge Distracting Impact. Remove DoT Resistance and place it on Vulnerability Resistance.

Albertotherium: Just put Vulnerability resistance to 100%.

Albertotrodon: Screams In Terror but honestly this is kinda balanced due to its lower damage. Maybe Heal for Fierce Impact and Ferocious Strike instead of GFS.

Daspletomimus: Definite Rampage sucks. Same case as Daspletosaurus.

You could say that but albertosaurus is the strongest rare right now and can even compete with legendarys which is insane, the nerf wasn’t that big tho.

I get cleansing swoop is good but I hate the fact that you literally only need cleansing swoop to use daryx well.
Also my old daspletosaurus had all definite moves so I wanted to reference that here, and I also wanted to make it more distinct from other tyrannosaurs as most of them are extremely boring.

alberto is broken for a rare. it needs a nerf. plus, his nerf still keeps it tourney viable

inos: group distraction is bad, it needs to be replaced.

daryx: how the heck is that worse? he gave it one of the best moves in the game, and he gave it other damage options

skoona: eh ok

phoru: it doesnt really hurt to have slight armor tho

edmon: sure

mastodon: maybe

daspleto: definite rampage is a good move. its not awful at all.

pachy: maybe

inos: no dont buff it, its good enough

albertotherium: also dont buff

albertotrodon: that damage isnt low at all. GFS into killer instinct is crazy. dont buff it by giving it a longer ferocious boost with a heal.

daspletomimus: definite rampage doesnt suck


I also gave phorurex armor because its description says it carries around bony scutes which means it just has to have at least some armor, and 5% doesn’t really do anything.

Alberto doesnt need to much of a nerf, though yes he does need one.

Inos: It could get RGD, but it helps in raids.

Daryx: Its worse because now you have poor damage output on top of now you have no way to leave until turn 3, which even with 4200 Health isnt enough given its only defense is shields. Now if it has RS, CS, LRaR, and II, I could see that.

Phoru: It really shouldnt have armor.

Definite Rampage is terrible. I use Spinonyx a lot. I can tell you it is horrendous. Precise Rampage/Resilient Rampage and Defense Shattering Rampage are much better. When are you gonna use both Shield Shattering and Dodge Removal? Only with Quetzorion. Its much better to just have one or the other, cause having both makes the rampage suck due to the 2 turn cooldown. Its not worth it.

Inostonia: Revenge Impact sucks, but ok.

Albertotrodon: That’s low damage for a chomper. Plus GFS sucks. I can see not having a heal though.

Daspletomimus: Definite Rampage sucks. See Daspletosaurus for why.

If albertotrodon and normal ferocity strike it would be insanely broken, that would mean it would have ferocity for not only its killer instinct but its fierce impact as well.

Alberto obviously was suppose to be good when they made it, do you just hate the fact that it is rare and can compete with higher rarities? Marsupial lion can compete too im not sure y u are so mad at alberto

I use alberto all the time in tournaments and in the rare/epic/legendary tournament it did even better then allosinosaurus, it’s literally on par with some of the weaker uniques while being the second lowest rarity in the game, and even with the change I gave it, it’s still extremely viable.

Well yes it basically just is allosino but with no stun and immunities and no armor

And it has more damage and a better priority.

Instant charge is better imo if the target can get stunned

Killer Instinct is better than Instant Charge anytime. You dont need to worry about armor and shields, and its a priority impact. This also means you can knock out the opponent on higher health, and given this is a move going on chompers, thats usually a good 500-700 difference at 26. IC can stun, but you can kill faster with Killer Instinct.


Not to mention KI has a lower cooldown then instant charge

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That too. Just means more damage for your critter.

Ok good points, i just like the stun

Yes. The stun is nice, but its situational. That’s my only problem with it.