My team, and what should I go for next

I am on 3390 trophies and constantly winning, so I think my team is pretty decent. I was thinking of going for tyrannolopho, ankyntro, acrocanthops, carboto, alankylo, diplov, and tryostronix without any specific order. I was also thinking of levelling up brontolasmus to 18. Plus i am thinking of going for indoraptor and utarinex among uniques. Would u suggest something else that is easy to create, or are my goals decent enough?

Your team looks pretty good right now. It will probably be best just to try and level up your team right now. If you want to work on those creatures then go ahead.

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Nice team.
For uniques wise I would say the thor, one of the most handy dinos in the game for raiding.
I would also suggest working toward Poukan, such an underrated creature.

For legendary I would go for a resilient, I think stegodeus would be good for your team.

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Could you guys also tell me what I should do, all my boost are on draco except for very few on other

I would say the same unqiues to work towards.
But you need some resilients, stegodeus, raja.

But you could also go for some wildcards like monostego and carnotarkus for the legendary side

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Should I switch my nodopotitan for anything?

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I would replace velociraptor for it.