My team, any suggestions?


I currently have in my rotation:
I am relatively new, am currently lvl 6. Any suggestions / ideas?


Those are all good team members. In order to give you better suggestion, could you share a screenshot of your currently owned dinosaurs to see if you have better options instead?


Would anyone suggest a change in my team as a f2p player. 2900 - 3300 trophies


I would personally put in Rex in exchange for Ouranosaurus… Rex can be a bit weak but too necessary against tanks, and I don’t like Ouranosaurus much myself. And I would switch Concavenator for Ankylosaurus. Ankylo is about the only viable counter for Indominus, after all, and you will need that in Arena 7


I used to run Rex but it would always die before getting a second attack due to slow speed.
Anky was the opposite, good survivability but doesn’t do much damage. Only see indominus once every dozen battles in early arena 7.

Stego really holds its own well in arena 7.
The counter hit gets sneaky kills when opponent expects to strike a low to dino for the win then swap.


I know, Rex is tricky, very slow and not enough survability. I will never get tired of saying Rex needs more health to be able to take 2 hits. She can be great if used right, though. For instance, if you use Rex as your third dinosaur, when the opponent will most likely have to switch dinosaurs at some point, you will get a free, devastating Rex hit to the 4th opponent before switching yourself. If your opponent brings up a hard to kill tank, you bring Rex and destroy it. Or if you slowed down an opponent before dying, you bring up Rex and she will be faster. Just some ideas :slight_smile:

As for anky, yes, she doesn’t do much damage but she can take a punch. Rather useful in my opinion for a fourth dinosaur when you will have to switch without fear of dying from the first free hit


Your Vraptor seems REALLY high level (19) for a level 9 player. Like your Einasuchus. How did you managed to find that much gold?


Maybe when they say F2P they don’t exclude some of the one-time offers? I bought four of the earlier offers which came with a heap of gold and my team had a similar level spread at lvl 9.


I’ve been grinding daily since global release (My daily lunch walk at work has 12-20 supply drops around the block for 20-30min walk, I’ve not spent any money but I’ve had to do some tap joy offer for cash lately, (converted 500 green for 25k twice).
My 4 year old son loves the game, he battles in the arena and wins 50% of his battles lol and he spins supply drops as a passenger while I drive :smile:
Also raptors spawn at my house and I have a supply drop on my front letter box. So several times a night ill get raptor dna, spin the drop, battle in arena then repeat. Unfortunately I see a trex once a fortnight :frowning: My son keeps asking when we will get indominus rex (his favourite from Lego Jurassic world) but it won’t happen for a long time due to lack of trex dna


I feel like level 15 common / rares are more effective in the arena than lvl 11 epics, due to the health. Epic DNA is very slow and hard to come by so all I can do is level commons or hybrids that use commons


I am almost F2P (only bought VIP) and my velociraptor was level 19 when I was level 9 (she is 20 now). It’s possible. If you play a lot, grind a lot, spend all the cash you manage to get from free incubators/supply drops on coins, and get extra cash from free offers, it certainly is possible.


The thing about high level commons is that they are costly. Right now I could have a full team of level 20 commons that would destroy my opponents in the arena, if only I have the coin. With epics, you get the DNA more or less at the same rate as you manage to grind coins, and you don’t throw those coins away by leveling a “weak” common. But yes, if you can spare the coin, a high level common is mostly way better than a low level epic.


Exactly what I thought. I’m only s level 8, am working hard to level up my Vraptor, which is only a level 12.


I remember a point where my raptor was about 12 and a bunch of opponent’s had 15’s, I had just started getting epics and realised i can’t beat so i joined them. At that point I switched my whole team to speed and went from arena 4ish to 6 pretty effortlessly. After which I found speed counters killed my speed so I’ve now got those two balanced and cool dinos that are in between don’t seem to perform at arena 6/7 border. Need either high hp or speed (with rampage or pounce)


At lvl 11 he couldn’t take two hits, now at 13 he can and seems to do better than rex. Hopefully I can get more rex DNA.


Any suggestions?


Keep getting Triceratops DNA and once you unlock Stegoceratops, swap it in place of trike.
I am a big fan of the stego, elk gen2, and the argentinosaurs has some great moves.
Keep levelling einiasuchus and slot it in.


Agreed with the person above, collect as much triceratops dna but don’t level it up anymore. The sooner you get the hybrid stegoceratops, the better. Same for Einiasuchus, focus on getting nundasuchus and einiosaurus dna and level her up, she can be a beast. As for your current team, both euoplocephalus and stegosaurus are good enough, I would replace either of them for some of your lower levels because level can mean the world in this game. Keep Erlikosaurus Gen 2, though, I also agree it’s fantastic and unless it gets VERY underleveled, she can do great in your team. The moment you get Einiasuchus to level 9 or so, add her to the team at once!


Your team is very good, just swap Ouranosaurus out for Stegosaurus.


I dont have Ouranosaurus