My Team Good Or Not?


What do you guys think about my team?


Pretty good, just keep on leveling them up. Also think about a stegosaurus. They are easy to level up and can stand up to many things.


Why should anyone use Stegosaurus with it’s limited moveset if you can just continue with Stegoceratops (who is in his Team)?


Steggo isn’t bad at that level but it is a better plan to save the gold for stuff they will be using at higher levels and saving up the DNA for fusing.


It has high hp, damage and armour. It’s thagomiser also means it usually gets fastest attack. It can give as good as it gets with most creatures.


I’m actually about to get nodopatasaurus so he can replace eniasaurus and he is sorta also a better stegosaurus


Either way thanks for the reply


Ok thanks tyrannous about to get nodopatasaurus


Very true and thanks for the reply


But Stegoceratops is an improved Stego. Base one got no real moves except the Speed debuff while Stegoceratops got 3x Stun moves and sometimes wipes the whole enemy Team.


Yeah Stegoceratopo is better than Stegosauro, but when you will face a raptor team you need to have more than one tank. And Stego has 15% armor and at lev 15 has 2511 health and 760 damage. Not bad if you have enough coins for evolving her. I faced a couple of them with my Einasuco and I lost. But for now I don’t have enough coins to evolve mine as I am saving money for other dinos.

You have indeed a really good team @Disloy I am only puzzled about Baryonyx maybe at lev 11 not so strong, maybe you need to evolve her before putting her again in your team, but if you are satisfy with her, that’s the only thing that matters :relaxed:


Build up your enki. Cheap to do and easy to find dna. Very useful when you can get it up levels.


You can have more than one tank without spending coins on something obsolete at higher levels. Save steggo for your fuses. She’s not the only one with slow down/speed up attacks. Steggo is everywhere so if you have tons of DNA and a lot of coinage, it is a good tank. It’s about the strategy and what you tend to face a lot at your rank. In the marshes, raptor squads aren’t a big problem for me.