My team got one-shot by a boosted lv28 Diplotator

I didn’t get a single move in. Faster, stronger and more HP than any of my team.

I ain’t even mad. Bravo, sir/madam.


whats your team?
sometimes i face some high level boosted diplotators, t-rexes, etc, but i usually smash them all with uniques.

All of my team members are 22 and under. It landed a crit on one of my dinos though, which is why I didn’t get a single move in.

do u have uniques like thor, magna, etc? or bleeder, or dracorat?

I had a Diplo beat me earlier today at level 30 and max boosted . It took out 2 of my team , Thora first ( level 24 and 5 boosted ) then Magna ( level 22 and 5 boosted ) .
My Thora was down to 3200 health from the the first fight , it did me in one hit !

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