My team is Dead, Boring and Old – Can’t Change – Why keep playing..?!

After years of investment and playing, the game is becoming more and more dead to me.

Why keep playing when I never can change my team?

The boosts are very expensive, and when they are put in to a dino they are stucked.

How to motivate to keep playing?

The meta have changed a lot last year, and still, I’m forced to keep playing same boring team!

How to fix this issue…?



My advice would be to join an alliance that has a lively discord and hang out with like minded people who might help you rekindle your interest in the game.

I get very little pleasure from my personal achievements in the game, but I love to see alliance team mates enjoying the game and moving forward. So I’ll pop a Giga most days and catch ‘em all just to help alliance missions.

Same thing with all aspects of the game. I’ll lose as many as I win in the arena but the battles help the defence missions. I’ll donate to pretty much everyone that requests, and I’ll offer advice to anyone who asks. I’ve even joined a co op for shared sanctuaries which I said I would never do, but it’s been great.

So maybe set different goals and look at the bigger picture. Very few will reach the levels of players in the top 250 so the rest of us need realistic expectations. And like anything else it is what you make it.



Thanks for good message.

I undertand your perspective on the game.
It looks like you find a good way to handle the problematic. :pray:

I’m not that social so I can’t use this tactic.

I just wish the game could offer more of a balance, where more dinos was availble to use.

I feel I don’t have any control over my progression anymore.


or at least join a proper alliance to ask for proper Dna, Raids and Sancs if you don’t want discord


I have a great Alliance and 3 x level 20 Sancs.

Problem is I cant use any more dinos since only (already) 9 dinos have all my boosts.

Using dinos that are not boosted is useless!


That last statement is false. Qaw made it to gyro(I think) with non boosted dinos. I think they still are using non boosted. @Qaw can you confirm?


A suggestion:

I got bored of the meta long ago, too many changes - it was just wasting my time. I decided to switch my focus to a all non-meta team. Don’t have to worry about it being nerfed and I try to see how high I can progress with it. In fact, a friend of mine made it to gryo depot with just epics! (Granted with boosts of course)

However, if boosts are your issue maybe you should look forward to the 2.13 patch notes, it sounds like there is a boost refund feature is on its way according to a datamine by Gamepress.


yes correct

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I’m in aviary with level 18-20 dinos, completely unbooked, they were all a level lower when I first reached there.

if only Ludia could grant us a boost reset

my suggestion to them is
not necessarily a total/global boost reset



an acceptable compromise IMO

As a few players suggested above join an alliance with a lot of active players in it that are really enjoying the game and have found numerous ways to enhance thier game and bring back some of the shine to game playing once more.

I am a member of the Look How Much Blood alliance and we are linked in with the ARK CO OP group that has around 15 to 20 of the LV20 sanctuaries where alliance members can use thier F.I.P. ,s ( food , play and interaction tokens ) to acquire dinosaur dna from whatever dinosaur you are trying to build up / level up.

We welcone all new members and all you have to do is download discord then search out some of our alliance leaders ( jazzy6100 # 4485 and Crystal22584 # 5665 ).

I look forward to seeing you online should you choose to join our alliance
Kind regards JoeVolcano27 # 9145

this game is not monetized by ads, so it’s mostly about player engagement.

to evolve you have to… play more. if not paying for resources, you have to do stuff like dart insanely, study best dart techniques, take the most of alliances and raids, use discord, study dinodex and battle strategies and so on.

or you can do like me:
free play, no boosts, play casually, change your team as you wish (no boosts = freedom), enjoy lvl 26 tournaments (if speed tie isn’t a problem for where you live), take nice shots using A.R. feature, or dropping arenas and play a different way using lower creatures.


I understand your frustration and point of view, I don´t like to depend on social interacting to play solo… as some others have mentioned, one way to get more resources to help you rebuild your team is trough alliances.

In other perspective, if you want, you could wait a little longer to see if there will be a boost reset / shuffle event in the future as people have been asking for it ever since update 2.9 dropped.

Try getting a look on the tougher creatures out there and work towards rebuilding your team, otherwise you will be on a very disgusting loop in the arena, losing over and over to the opponents with the most recent / stronger creatures.

Tournament rewards sometimes include, coins, boosts and exclusive DNA, I’ve seen dedicated players win very good rewards on those, which help them always get the new top tier dinos into their teams and level them up fast. Hope this helps either to get you back in the game and have fun playing it or make a wise call o whether to start from scratch or give it a break.

Until Ludia offers a boost reset, there will continue to be more players like you… They just don’t get it.

Just use what you enjoy. Why are you not able to build new Dinos? Between all the resources available you shouldn’t have an issue. I play unboosted unique with max boosted epic. All my boost are in my rare and epic creatures. Do you collect your coins daily and dart your event creatures? What is it preventing you from changing your team? I have always been free to play.


I was thinking this. The game is dying and growing stale. All it would take is to let me change my team without such a harsh punishment and it would be fun again but they won’t let me. So day after say I repeat the same tedious actions. Its no fun being stuck with a team that requires the extract same thing over and over.


don’t worry @Moksha , wait till march and we have a new update

Actually I only made it within a couple of wins from Gyro completely unboosted, I got that down to one win away with only one boosted.
My dinos were far from all being level 30 though, and reaching Gyro unboosted has definitely been done before.


Must be nice. I usually get a season high of 5300 - 5400. All max level creatures. 4 unboosted unique and 4 max boosted epics. It’s crazy seeing teams with teams less than all 30 so high due to boost. I’d 100% be top 500 if I removed all boost from rare and epic and put them on the uniques and worked more on meta. Lots I don’t use some I do. Then again I don’t care where I place in arena.

Yeah. I really feel sorry for those players.
Who invested time and boosts.

And look the the top-players. Nearly no one use the apexes :frowning:

That is a scam.