My team is pretty weak, but somehow I managed to make it to Aviary

Here are my 8 mains:

Indoraptor lvl21
Indominus Rex lvl20
Mammotherium lvl20
Allosinasaurus lvl20
Sarcorixis lvl17
Dracoceratops lvl16
Coelhast lvl16
Scorpius Rex lvl16

I was thinking about adding Dodocevia to my team and removing one (except Coelhast) but not sure yet. What do you think? is it good? should I boost some of them? Will the team get me to the next arena or do I need to start creating more Uniques or leveling up other creatures?

It’s always a good idea to try to continue fusing more uniques. I’m 2 arenas above the aviary in gyro and I don’t really see any of those creatures up here. Some dracos, but not many anymore. One thing you should start seeing soon are Apexes and they will absolutely decimate your team, so i’d try very hard get a dino you can use to beat apex raids. If your team aren’t really doing Apex raids, get a new alliance.

yeah My alliance is pretty new, I’m the strongest player LOL. We will eventually, but still have no chance against Apexes.

I’ve tried to avoid over leveling creatures and just trying to get more and more unlocked, that’s why most are only lvl16 or 20 (to get dna for the uniques).

not in a hurry and that’s good advice. Will definitely think about joining a new alliance to get some APEX dna. I’ve encountered a few already (and a few Uniques at lvl29) and have just waved my flag and taken a beating.