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My Team Members and What I think will happen to them

Now: 4714 Trophies
My Prediction After the update: 4500-600


RIP my boys indo and mono. Indo the most tho. Cunning strike is nice, but APR is a big ol nerf.

Annnnd mammotherium. I think. That health nerf is a lot, but we’ll see how that plays out. With the new moveset.

Ardont seems to be neat tho.

Tryo seems to be mixed. What is this?

I won’t be starting with indom anymore, clearly.

Indo Gen 2 is just there because of the meta, but that’s probably gonna change.

Last and most importantly, Kool-Aid. Not sure what multiplier group distraction is, but I wanted this on my team for some reason. Cunning strike will be nice.

Most likely to be replaced: Indo

Most Likely To Stay On: Ardont

What do you think will happen to your guys?

Proly drop monosteg for mimus but 2 swap in dodge users could be problematic