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My Team Response to Alliance Reward Teams

So what do I do to counter Alliance reward dino’s 2, 3 & 4 levels higher. I did lose one badly before adding two more bleeders as I didn’t get any on that draw. I won the next three. Of course these players throw their highest ones out there. One match gave me 3 bleeder. That was fun against a level 15 that got double bleed.

This is my solution for the time being and it did work rather well tonight. Unfortunately I have Suchotator leveled up for use on epic strike towers in the right situations with Dimodactylus.

These were the player teams I beat. Take notice the levels of the Alliance reward dino’s.

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Let’s please keep it civil, guys. OP said nothing about having a 2nd account, so let’s at least keep this dialogue based on facts. Unless OP does actually have a 2nd account and I’m just not aware of it. If that’s the case, I apologize in advance @Pateradactyl.

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wahat level is this Suchatator you speak of? Just realized I don’t see it pictured. Nothing personal, but you can never tells what’s what these days.