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My Team vs Alliance Members Before and After

So I was comparing my team trophy’s and creature levels with my alliance members who are next in trophy’s before and ahead of me.
It was interesting to see how creature selection and skill can have a team like mine, non-boosted to sit where I am vs others.

Also what you see is representative of the teams I battle against that have both higher and boosted creatures. My playing tactic is to out-wit my opponents over out powering or out speeding them.

The team before me at 4472 trophy’s averages level 23.5. Five creatures have boosts.
My team is at 4514 trophy’s and averages level 21. None of mine are boosted.
The team after me at 4611 trophy’s averages 24.25. Seven creatures are boosted.

Flocks are not the only creatures I play. I have 183 creatures at team level. I get bored very fast with the same team and tend to swap creatures after 2 or 3 battles.