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My Terrible Thor crit experience

I have Thor and as most of us know he has a 40% crit chance and that sounds great meaning that 2/5 attacks will be a crit but I did the medium therapod strike and I did Eight attacks!! And guess what none of them were crits Jeez I even get more crits with Allosino than thor so is it a bug or a texture issue where it says 40% but it’s actually 5%? Or is my luck just that terrible

I think it’s just your luck. Most Thors I have to fight against tend to crit at least once every match. Some go as ridiculous as to crit every single hit and they 3-0 me.

Still though 8 attacks with a 2/5 chance is stupid

And that is why I have never used Thor. Till this day I haven’t even made it… I have always had terrible luck with crits from Indos and Maxima. I know they have less chance to crit, but still, opponents crit me with them all the freaking time while I sometimes spend many battles without getting even one.

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Though indo only has a 20% though ardentismaxima is interesting

My Indo rarely crits! Between that and it’s poor dodge rate Ive lost many a battle. I keep threatening to shelve it!!!

Thor is awful for me when it comes to crits. On a rare occasion, she’ll crit a few times in one battle, then it’s back to never-crit-land.

Can’t wait for the boost reset when I can take her off for good.

The thing is that I just always get bad results in battles due to luck

Thor crtis its 40%

my worries are about maxima.

even my +7300 hp tuoura has problems to survive…too much crit rate and too powerful to be a tank.

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Yeah Thor is just, sad. The only thing that saves her is her easy ingredients and stat boosts.

I mean there’s near enough a guarantee with tryko due to the 30% crit and also it’s counter so if you opponent lives an attack and you hit back you probably will get at least one crit though Idk if that will be the case for me

Let me rephrase that somewhat easy ingredients Sino exists

Well, Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus can be found easily and we had a bath load of Sino eversince we had alliance missions.

To be fair, people who joined after that bucketload of Sino might find it harder to get. I’ve been trying to get Sino for the last few levels of my Utasinoraptor and I can safely say that I’ve been getting far more of T-Rex, Maia, Monolopho and several others. Sino for me is pretty scarce.

Yep I was one of them sadly

Every time i go against indor g2 I can count on every other move being a crit. Dodge seems like 100% for me. I’m really hoping they adjust indor2 and the xmas bird with this update.

RNG being completely independent and never being affected by other factors (such as ‘bad luck protection’, for lack of a better term) is both a boon and a curse when it comes to these things.

I will crit when it absolutely doesn’t make a difference. I won’t crit when it does matter and, simultaneously, when I am afforded no other opportunities to do so. Meanwhile, I’m giga-wrecked by practically every other creature getting strings of crits right after one another when they really have no business doing so (exceptionally low crit %).

Thor is already fairly out-classed due to the immunity/tank/“coughtankcough” meta we’re in. Speed boosts are the only thing that really make it a cheesey pick but for people like myself who do NOT invest in speed whatsoever to just push its strengths when it DOES actually get to hit anything and not be made feeble by distraction effects or dodge/cloak moves, there’s still not much bang for our buck despite it having such extraordinary attack value because Attack is a stat with a MUCH harder diminishing value dropoff rate the higher it goes compared to Health or Speed.

I would be perfectly content if, instead of outright immunity to distraction, Thor would at the VERY least reduce distraction effects by 50%. The whole shtick of this creature is to hit hard but there’s so many things which outright deny its ability to do that and at least this proposed change wouldn’t completely break it into being an unstoppable monster, instead actually allowing it some compromise of breathing room given the insane circumstances it needs to jump hoops through in order to barely get by as it is.

In my experience, Maxima produces more crits than Thor.


I like my Phorusaura, it is supposed to have swap in stun 66% of the time, not sure it has ever stunned once…