My thoughts on creatures that need nerfs

Ref needs a minor health nerf,croc should be fierce resilient,idk if it needs a nerf,boa may need a minor health nerf,Alberto should have a minor attack nerf as well as parat,rexy is fine,indot and skoona are fine ,I don’t think anything else needs a nerf

Ref just got nerfed. No need for nerf

Except it didnt get the nerf it needed, they nerfed the one element that was fine, its stun. Should have kept the stun, lost the bleed, maybe a small health nerf.

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Albertocevia and Parasauthops don’t really need attack nerfs. Albertocevia could use one, but I’d rather just have its swap in removed. Albertocevia would already be a top 5 creature without the swap in, and being given the best swap in in the game is unnecessary. Parasauthops can’t have attack nerfed for the sake of raid strategies. Parathops either needs its swap in nerfed, or its rampage given a cooldown.

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Andrewtops needs a minor nerf because how would a high damage creature have a full counter?