My thoughts on every creature introduced in this update

  1. Argenteryx.
    Looks pretty cool. Design is pretty awesome, stats and moves are really good. It seems to be stronger than a lot other epics (although it doesnt appear to be too OP for me)
  2. Megalotops.
    Same as argenteryx. Design is really good, I think, it should have a punch animation in the future
  3. Glyptoceras.
    Its stats look weak, and why does it not have the glyptodon shell? It just looks like an oversized stegoceras who has spent a bit too much time under the sun.
  4. Rinchicyon
    It has got some unique colorations. Its stats, moves, and design seem significantly better than Glyptoceras.
  5. Andrewtops
    Got a little less health, but more attack. Its moves look good. But i think this hybrid would have had been more suitable with the arctops animation rig; It would have made a greater difference between andrewtodon and andrewtops. At this point, It just looks like an andrewtodon with some red color.
  6. Indotaurus
    Why does it have such good stats? 1600 attack with greater rending counter (which gets affected by cloak), is a bit too much. Not to mention that it looks like a cheap copy of the purrutaurus. Seriously, indotaurus animation rig (which I predicted) and the design is…disappointing, sadly (at least for me). I feel the concept art looked a lot better than the model ingame.
  7. Phorurex
    Looks what is called ‘ugly but beautiful’. Stats combined with the moveset makes it OP. Seriusly, why does it have bleed and on escape immobilize? None of its ingredients have them, so there is no reason for them to be in its moveset. If anything, they make it OP (Suchotator is acceptable as it is not OP).
    Everything looks good, but the uniques, design wise, are kinda underwhelming (which is the exact opposite moves/stats wise)

I think you know which one my favourite hybrid is also I’m happy they made it cute and balanced


Epic roast for glyptoceras


That is a common thing that hybrids get abilities their parents don’t have. Megalotops has a armor piercing counter although non of his parents has any armor piercing abilities


yea this make since cause if not indom would not have cloak

and parents weird I don’t think a cat and pachy can ya

My thoughts on the three uniques

  1. Phorurex :
    A living nightmare for all low healths due to it’s swap in damage and priority move. It can absolutely destroy deer and tenontorex and even can stand against titan and maxima. However skoonasaurus and both lanias seem to work pretty well for him.

  2. Indotaurus :
    From what I’ve seen people don’t seem to like that he has the Purrulyth /indoraptor animation wich is understandable since it positioning in the opening logo and on the concept doesn’t fit that. His stats are good. He is basically a buffed indoraptor for me

Nothing against Andrewtops. He seems pretty balanced although his delayed ability doesn’t make sense


that was long to take 5 sec to read well my what I think about them is phorurex I need some maia dna and coin and indoturus why carno and dog … well dog

What about my hybrid

It is very balanced creature with good looks… :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing to say about him. He’s balanced, has a nice and unique coloring. Just the name is kinda confusing

More like Molerat.


Got a question about Indotaurus from a member of my Alliance, if someone can answer it for us.

“is the counter is doubled when you cloak?”


Yes its, 0.67 if you are on cloak

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Thank you. :+1:

Yes it does.

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0.83 if on revenge

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Indotaurus is disappointing. It should be a copy of the indominus model like the concept art and wallpaper. Instead we get the purutaurus. Which I thought it was cool but not for this unique.


eh I don’t really care cuz I won’t get it for a long time

I think there should be an official petition to change the rig of indotaurus from the i raptor rig to the Indom rig especially since there is already a unique with the indo raptor rig and none with the Indom rig