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My Thoughts on Heroic adventures

Overall, this event has been quite enjoyable for me. It’s quite a good addition to the game if you have the resources to spare, the time to do so and can farm everything.

Initial impressions: I didn’t like the first few challenges. As someone with a level 17-18 team used for farming, it was quite boring and the rewards were really not worth the time invested initially. I spent the first 40minutes bored out of my mind.

Later stages: the time investment was worth it after i got to harvestshield. The 3x gear is quite useful and actually still worth the time even as someone with almost all maxed common and rare gear (all level 10s or higher for rares and 14+ for commons). The final 2 were worth it the most, with me receiving a hefty 21k coins and 1.2k gems over only 6 challenges.

I’d like to thank the devs for creating an enjoyable experience that’s not just a slog for mediocre rewards.


Agree with much of your assessment. For me, it was one of the more enjoyable special events. On the weaker stages, as a player with higher level heros, they aren’t as useful to us. But I tend to see that as more of a nod to newer accounts. Conversely those newer accounts will look wishfully at the higher level challenges as something they can’t complete yet. It’s sort of like when you give a training and a quarter of the room felt it was too high level and a quarter of the same room thought it was too basic. Different people with different levels of experience having different views.

I can see where the early levels would be boring for higher levels, but if the event started at levels that were challenging for you they might be impossible for lower levels.


Definitely agree with both of you there. I assume it’s also why a majority of weekly events are geared towards lower level dungeons. I’m sure from a newer players perspective or one that doesn’t play as much, they may be frustated for being unable to complete some of them, but i liked the experience overall and thought it was successful in what it wanted to achieve.

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Yeah I haven’t had a chance to go past second level and probably won’t have time, but the reviews have seemed a lot more positive than the test of might version.

I ended up finishing the adventure after all. It didn’t take nearly as long as I was thinking from the posts I had read. I got super lucky in the last one and rolled a 20 my first time through.

I’m on 8th run of 1st level

Got 75 gold 3 times in a row then 150 gold yippee!

I can’t tolerate sharpstone keep let alone doing all the other easy peasy levels to get to the last

It would be good if you could just pay to fill the initial gold and gem ones (at some penalty rate)

I had the same thing honestly and it really made my initial impression not so positive. I got lucky afterwards and was able to complete all 6 in about 2 and a half hours total (i stayed on harvestshield purposely to get gear for my warlock)

The only problem I have with the Test of Might Dungeons Edition is a two day event duration is quite short. Some of us don’t have 48 hours to finish the event (although I did finish the ToM I skipped doing some nonimportant stuff I had to do).

I get where 48hours, especially depending on where in your week they fall, can make it tough to finish, but barring bad luck on your rolls if your goal is to just finish it, it doesn’t seem so bad. If you are trying to maximize your prize in each challenge by picking up something other than the specific goal or you are trying to get close to the max and then not finishing because you want a big one to go over the top, then it will definitely take longer.

I’ve got to 3rd level and am going to bed.

That’s the worst outcome - you slog through the garbage then quit when your just about to get to the good stuff