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My thoughts on the new changes

Campaign? Awesome needed something like this, love it. Stat boost changes? Was it needed? Yes for sure. Having said that it went overboard. Its more or less useless right now. The only thing its usefull against is a dino mirror match. The cost- value is horrible. Its up to 100 per boost, which is insanely high. At least put it 50 first 5 lvls and 100 last 5. Some type of balance is needed. I feel the state it is in its only helping the end game players. Also would love to see some new achievements implemented. Finished mine a good while back. The new map rework? For me it is horrible. Half of my city is a desert with nothing in sight. I have 2 to spin around my house and about 200 meters to the third one. Its horrible. I realize some ppl got the better end of it but its not good for everyone. Still needs work in my oppinion. Hopefully you do something more with the boosts ( improve the boosts themself OR reduce the cost OR get more from daily incubators, I feel its worthless for any lover end player. Original worry was low dinos killing high lvl ones with huge boosts backing them up, but the new boosts are too weak and they are limited to the dino lvl, was that not enough? ) these are my thoughts on the changes, hopefully something is done about it, ty


Great post and I agree with everything you’ve said.

I would add that sanctuary and chat are now so badly bugged so a fix would be nice.

Other than that, spot on :+1: