My thoughts on what 3.0 could be

I am not 100% sure when we will get 3.0 but going of the fact that we get an update every month and the fact that update 2.0 came after 1.14 I think we could see update 3.0 in March of 2022. In an interview with ludia gamepress asked if there were any plans to bring older creatures up to date with the present meta and ludia basically replied by saying yes and that they are trying to find ways to bring creatures to the current meta. I know a lot of players are wanting ludia to balence some of the older creatures and bring them up to the present meta so I think we could see a creature overhaul like in 2.0 for the older creatures to bring them up to the present meta.

Let me you what you guys want for 3.0


Hopefully we get aquatics


I hope not.


Something to do with Dominion I would assume, 3.0 for the 3rd instalment in the world franchise?:thinking:


I’m both thinking and hoping it’s gonna be a massive balance overhaul. I don’t think we’ll be getting aquatics anytime soon, if ever. Besides, why would we get a whole new group of creatures if over two thirds of the current group is useless in battle?

I really hope 3.0 brings us aquatics. Long overdue for their inclusion.

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If i calculated right if they keep the one month cycle the dominion update will either be patch 2.17 or 2.18

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We will get new exclusives while releasing the current exclusives. So that means new championships.

Im sure balancing will change and lots of nerf and buff.

New abilities and moves.

I think dominion will have its own update and not part of 3.0

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