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My top 10 hybrid ideas

  1. Bajapelta


    8.Carnophis lux








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1: illegal health on bajapelta. also, why does it have 3 passives? and the big one, what the heck is that instant devastation. no move like that should exist, and definitely with 3 delay.
2: illegal health, attack is far too high. you also forgot the 4th move and resistances.
3: what on earth why evasive rampage and essential dot immune
4: fine
5: illegal health, and where did OE dust cloud and the resistances come from
6: that name is abysmal. where did evasive stance come from? and why isnt the decel resistance 100%?
7: you didnt show tsinomoloch. also, illegal health. where did the counter come from lol. wait, REND IMMUNE?
8: illegal health.
9: illegal health. why does it have 2 strikes. where did OE rampage come from?
10: illegal health. reduce the health and increase the armor. why is there a heal on it? long stun is ridiculously op.
well, there are many problems. but with more practice, you could become a great concept maker.