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My touramoloch haiku

O touramoloch,
You won’t bench warm forever,
Comets are coming


great haiku bud

Why thank you, do you feel my pain? Touramoloch is level 28, staring longingly up at the team of lower level, playable guys and he’s sad he’s getting further from playable in 1.7

uh no?, I barely have “Alita” as my only unique hybrid

That’s not a haiku. Haiku is 5 syllable line>7 syllable line>5 syllable line.

Good effort tho

What makes you think it will be worse in 1.7? Please explain because I’m trying to decide whether or not to invest further in mine.

Nice edit :+1:t3::wink: @Aaron_Smith

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Overall damage going down, so counter and all of his moves go down except stun which goes from impact to rampage

I’d recommend tragod as a better use of dna and gold. He’s playable all the way up to 30

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I was sitting here thinking how darned syllables are in meteor…

What do you want from tuora? She is a counter attacker that can run away.
If you want something devastating, go for green/zombie chicken.

So uh those comets that are coming, are they going to be just for Spiky Horse or ???

Paramoloch will be much better in 1.7 than its unique