My tourney rewards

Actually not too bad - the ankylosaurus was an unexpected score! The suchomimus was good too, since I’m working on my suchotator. I finished around 78 or 79… can’t recall.

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The only useful DNA I got was 342 pyroraptor… too bad I don’t have enough rare irritator to level up my pyrritator.

I guess it’s because it was for the minimum trophies (4,250). Most likely RNG.

But I shouldn’t complain… at least I got something!

Calling all players especially those who ranked 500 on the last tourney… it would be nice to see what you’ve got so that on next tourney we will be motivated to reach your status too! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Please include your rank…
Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Gracias! Danke Dir!


I’ve had worse 129 Erlikosaurus and 159 Baryonyx being the highlight; I managed my expectation :slight_smile: More excited by the rare and halloween scents I got from the strike towers which I am going to save for tonight.

Scraped into 4250, I received 300 Raj DNA (and some stegosaurus too I guess) I’ve now got 1700 raj and Anky to make Rajanky to L19 (not that I’ve got the coins to do so) but I don’t really want it in my team. I’ll also never ever get tuojingo to make the unique so that’s outta the question too.

Don’t be motivated to reach our “status” for the reward. I ranked 230ish this time around, got :poop: in my incubator. First Season I ranked 93rd… :poop:.
Being Top 500 doesn’t have any perks aside from the tiny increase in cash and coins. I view it more as a pride thing.


@Ardens…I know, but still an accomplishments for you guys! I don’t wanna see myself just only a buyer always but also as a competitor too as well. You get what I mean??? Hahahahaha!!!

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