My trick for enjoying JWA again


I just figured out a trick to enjoying JWA again: stop trying to win :grinning:

My 6 yr old and I picked a team of dinos that we thought looked cool or that we hadn’t tried before. Most were well below those I’d been using to try and compete. Going in with no expectation of winning means endless chained crits and stuns against opponents well above my weight class just seem amusing - like when that dude in the sports car has to prove he’s faster than my economy hatchback off the light. The result? More losses, more fun, 100% less rage-vomit. Plus we still go for dino-walks to the park in the evening so it’s win-win.

How do you cope?


I prefer throwing my cell against the wall repeatedly until I’m exhausted. While uttering some choice very colorful words.


A couple weeks ago I leveled down just to see if it was a good way to incubate dinos i couldn’t find in the wild (it was not). On my way back up though, I mixed it up and used dinos I hadn’t played in “ages” … or ever. It was actually a lot of fun seeing some new faces on the battle field! Definitely helped break away from the “monontony” of competitive battles.

@Northern_Wolf hahaha, if only my phone was as strong as the old Nokias I probably would’ve tried this too


Before the tornament, it’s fun because I focus on unlocking dinos and trying out various legendaries in arena.
Now I have to focus on leveling up 8 dinos, grinding coins, and swallow bad RNG…


I hardly do any pvp now. I let my wife play my team if she wants. I’m just working on unlocking new dino’s.


My 4 year old son and I used to play alot, being f2p but quite competive, now I’m not really playing anymore since half way through the tournament and just let him play as he wants. He mostly just wants to do friendly battles and use our indominus rex and obscure dinos that don’t work in the PvP meta