My two cents. How to make more$ from this game

So to start off, great and fun game!
Just started a little while ago and hope you are all safe.

Things i would like to see changed are:

  1. Larger stacks for darts, scents and sanctuary resources.
    (maybe for VIP as an extra reason to get the monthly sub as I doubt I will renew it but ill see hope you add something more to it)

  2. Lower prices! How many people are going to pay 60$ for in-game cash to buy one incubator? Even the prices for VIP incubators are crazy. Lower the prices and get more sales I am all for spending 60$ over 1 or 2 months but I doubt i and a few others will pay those prices.
    I cant see your sales so maybe you are doing well.

Thanks again for a fun game and the extra darts and giga scent.