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My unbroken heart Eveline/Jade is back

What a surprise :heart_eyes::fire: my cam girl has some explaining to do

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It be nice if Oliver came back or other s

I was so happy when I saw the notification on my phone that I almost choked on my Pepsi when I saw it. :rofl:: And that Cherry chick is crazy. I like her. :crazy_face:
This kind of feels like the beginning of the end of her story. We’ll spend time with Cherry stopping Eveline/Jade’s stalker, then reunite with her and have our happy ending. :heart_eyes:

Definitely an interesting spin on the story and I’m interested to see where it goes.
However it would be nice if they’d stop rotating the current lineup and update the starting lineup

I think they have to end certain characters stories in order to bring others back but it’s their own fault for not having a clear release pattern until this year

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I want Cherry to be a match someday I think she would be fun

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Yes, Cherry is awesome. It was a bit sneaky what she did, but I can’t be too annoyed at her in this instance, seen as her plan worked, and now Eveline and I are back together and (with Cherry’s help?) we’re ready to make that stalker regret what he did :smiley:

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It was an unexpected twist but I like it and can forgive them for not bringing back Aesha yet

That ice cream shop date gave me the feels

I wasn’t expecting things to get resolved so quickly, but I’m so happy that the MC and Eveline/Jade are back together.
And while they’re not in my bad books, Ludia needs to do a lot more than an expected plot twist before they’re back in my good books

I agree. I am growing weary of these 1-1 and half days of game play before they grey out again. I would like another the updates to be at least a couple of days

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They try way too hard to make it like real life

I already want her back

Same, but at least now I can rest (somewhat) at ease now knowing that Eveline and the MC are back together again. :heart: :heart_eyes:

I can only hope for the return of Jasmin. Aesha, Fei and most likely Hazel soon now that Stefan/Oliver have returned