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My Unique Rarity Tier List

This is my own personal list of who i think the best and worst uniques are. Feel free to add your own in the comments :grin:

Best: Ardentismaxima
Worst: Stygidaryx


Ill give my reasonings for each one soon enough, though i think you know my thoughts on a certain theropod already

Gem and Magna may be too high on your list. Gem should be up there but not above Tyko right now and Magna isnt what it was, lots of immune to the distraction enemies plus is low damage… still really good but took a hit

Again, this is all based on my own opinion. It isnt official :sweat_smile:

Magna definitely has its uses (its a tyrant after all), and in Gamepress’ matchup chart, Gemini slaughters 98% of things in the game in the 1v1. So back then, it was probably the best dino in the game, but now i feel Ardentismaxima outclasses it slightly thanks to the stupid hp buff it got, so i put Gemini just below because of the aforementioned 1v1 monster it is

My rough version:

Maxima > Tryko > Gemini > Magna > Nemys > Tenontorex = Orion > Dioraja > Rinex > Spyx > Erlidom = Indo > Dilorach > Grypoly > Vexus = Thor > Tuora > Daryx

None of them are bad, even the lower ones.

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I’m surprised you put Thor as being the best.

If youre reffering to mine, i put him as one of the worst.

If youre referring to @bobbymcfeen, then idk

I was referring to yours, but the way you have the list makes it look like all of them are good except for Stygidaryx.

I mean, all the uniques are endgame viable (except maybe Stygidaryx), so in a way, you arent wrong :joy:

I just labeled who i think is the best, and who i think is the worst. Everyone else is just in between

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Tenonto beats Diorajasaur 10 out of 10 in a 1 vs 1 battle

Idk if yours was in order but I’d place Orion higher. But I don’t really like placement or ‘tiers’ etc.

Mine is in order, and ive been wondering about Quetzorion myself. Havent really seen much of it, but i took a look at the leaderboards and its all over the place there. I might put it higher if i decide to remake this list another time