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My unlucky streak

As you know Naustoceratops is an incubator exclusive this week and I feel like everyone has that creature but me.
Let’s see how unlucky I am
Common always collected: The sloth (Someone tell me the name)
Rare always collected: Everything but Naustoceratops

Epic: Scutosaurus(Maybe spelled wrong) Also is it useful?

How many times have you got Naustoceratops?

Please Ludia at least give me 1 nausto

If I’m wrong please correct me.


its bound to get a hybrid so I guess all the dna will pay off, unless its has an almost useless hybrid
and I think I’ve gotten nasuto like… 4-5 times maybe? not entirely sure, what I do know is that I’ve only gotten 22 boa dna which is infuriating lol, but still got 2 days to go

I’ve also gotten boa (107 Dna) and 0 Naustoceratops.
Is it luck based?
Yes but awful luck