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My user name is dragonasaur#5030


Anyone wanna be friends in jwa???


This is probably breaking the rules if so just tell me


I don’t know if this post breaks the rule, so my nick in game is Andrea #1119


Noice (I like to say that) tragodisits


uhm, sorry I didn’t understand :joy: why tragodistis?


I like that dino I think he is good I face him alot


Here’s mine, u can add me if u like :blush:


Hey there , here’s my code


Cellestial#2205, you mentioned a rule about sharing codes ? I don’t think that’s a thing but not sure


Mine is Velocity#4100. You can add me if you want to, I don’t mind. :slight_smile:


Hey all! My name is FluffyRaptor#2900. I like to listen to 80’s pop music and I’m a fan Of Pirates of the Caribbean. All that information is completely and utterly irrelevant but I still said it anyway. Add me if you so wish.


Holy goddamn Christ your team was scary :joy:. I should have known I wouldn’t have stood a chance.


You did great, I have all legendaries in, so 2 wins is good against them. U will get them too, just takes time


Thnx :slight_smile:️ How long did it take for you to aquire all those Legendaries?


Well I’ve been playing everyday since June and I have spent some money, not a ton but some. I usually buy the one time offers when I level up. They helped alot.


So I guess We’re adding friends? Mines is Krampus #5621 if you want to add me… :slight_smile:


Awesome username so scary :scream:


Mine is TIMO #7193. :wink:



Im not always in the mood to friend battle but… Feel free to add me. Danelle, my other situation resolved itself so I will re-add you… If thats ok obviously