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My version of Ardentismaxima

HP: changed from 6000 to 5400

Group decelerating rampage becomes group decelerating impact

That’s pretty much all I would change about maxima, it should be top tier but it shouldn’t have 6k health paired with 2 rampages, 15% armor, and 75% distraction resistance. How’s this for a nerf?



Good thinking!

I know 5400 health is kind of harsh but 6000 is honestly way too much, it either keeps the health or loses some hefty damage not keep both.

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5400 is too low for maxima.
I’d rather have maxima like this:
5700 HP
1150 damage
104 speed
20% crit
10% armor

Resilient strike
Group decelerating rampage
Taunt shattering rampage
Instant invincibility taunt

75% distraction resistance removed, It now has no distraction resistance. It makes perfect sense as most chompers and tanks don’t have any distraction resistance, and on a balance standpoint, neither should maxima.

With no distraction resistance It could keep the 2 rampages and still be as useful on raids despite the damage nerf. If It needs to cleanse distraction It must use it’s weakest move. With 5700 It is still good for the raid but not opressive in arena. No resistance to distraction and this damage allows Tenrex and magna to beat it as well, so It gains 2 more relevant counters. The nerf to it’s crit is to make those counters fairly consistent without completely stripping away maxima’s good crit chance. Magna will lose If maxima crits on the second turn (It It used resilient strike first), but Tenrex will beat maxima even If It crits twice, it’s a 100% counter.

I feel the speed nerf is necessary because It still ties or outspeeds most chompers. Even If not all of them end up being able to beat Maxima they should at least be able to revenge kill It on an equal boost situation. Besides, maxima doesn’t need to be fast to defeat what It needs to defeat, this is an unnecessary advantage.

While It could have it’s damage nerfed further or have a rampage replaced by an impact for other chompers to beat it, i think too much more than what i did would kill it’s use on the mortem Raid as It works now. So outside from those changes i think the buff of bleeders so they can 1v1 Maxima and the introduction of new ferocious-fierce creatures that can also do that would be enough to make maxima balanced on the arena without sacrificing it’s usefulness on raids.


Plus if my hybrid does make it in, likely not but I hope, it might be another good counter as well

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Oh i remember, the allo gen 2 and spinotahraptor hybrid, that would be awesome

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TenRex already beats maxima, just saying

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You are correct, sorry for my mistake. It seemed so unlikely i didn’t even consider It. Still, even then i think this rework works well to attain balance.

Ehhhh not really…and that’s coming from both a tenato, and maxima user. Or at least I never beaten it with tentao nor has a tentao beaten mine

I just made the calcs, It seems on equal levels It is correct. That is, If both are fresh, Tenrex just needs to use distracting impact and follow with DSR. It will lose If Maxima crits though. But in my version, Tenrex will win even If Maxima crits twice
Edit: oops It seems I’ve done bamboozled myself lol

Maxima has 75% resistance to distraction, so if Tenrex use DI it’ll only reduce his dmg to 12,5%

I made a test in a campaign, an unboosted lvl26 Max does 2274 dmg if it got distracted (that’s not including ID and DD)

So Max 2 shots Tenrex even if it use DI


So it basically a chance counter…although it both maxima and tryko get balanced next patch I think tentao needs to as well

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Tenontorex isn’t as unbalanced as you say, the only issue with It is resilient strike. If It simply got superiority strike back as It was It would be fine. It’s current stats are not OP either. The damage compensates for the lack of DSI.

Lol I mean 1.9k hp one something that can cleanse distraction and has a DSR can heal and distract.


What would you do with Tenrex then?

Just most not give it speed control if it wants to keep that super high attack, so either DSS or cunning strike, and make it immune to decel. Or if it wants to keep that speed control bring it down to 1,700 and the kit can stay they same

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But the fact it can two shot more than half of all speedsters with it’s just using its basic move twice or with one lucky crit…is a bit too much were nearly in the tryko and maxima region


Also @Jurassik_Fan is right I checked tentao will always lose to maxima since that distraction resistance isn’t low enough to be out of two shot range

So ya sorry @th3bub14 tentao isn’t a counter at the moment


With this damage It wouldn’t be able to beat Maxima, so i personally would prefer to keep the damage. But i wonder how useful would It be without the speed control. Last update people were complaining that Tenrex wasn’t really good, It was just a bit better than Thor and that isn’t saying much. And i agree, pre 2.0 Tenrex wasn’t good enough.

So i am confused, If the resistance is 75%, why does It only lower the damage by 12,5%?

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