My version of Skoonasaurus

I hope this nerf is quite appropriate for all players alike.


The only thing they need to do to balance out skoona is give it a decel counter and move IGDI back to GDI, IMO


you said the problem wasn’t my rampage and you took it off?


I had to find an alternative way to balance her out. Otherwise her GDI is fine.

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I agree with the kit but i think It should be medium decelerating counter instead of a Full counter
Edit: now i noticed you swaped the GDR for GDI, but for raid purposes I’d rather have the rampage and then balance It out with the medium decelerating counter.


That looks decent as a nerf itself. It loosing its “Instant Group Distracting Impact” and it being replaced with “Restricted Group Distraction” sounds good because at least it would not have two priorities, one being its invincibility and the other the impact. I think it does well in terms of being a nerf in a certain degree.

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Skoona doesn’t need a nerf, and certainly doesn’t need to lose its rampage, Its a unique, I run a max boosted level 27 (heavy attack), yes it hits hard but its counters are plentiful. Anything with armour or shields and its stumped, Gem and Max have the addition to break shields and break armour, and boast 2 rampages, why would you want to give Skoona 2 impacts and on top of that lose its vulnerable counter to make it hit even softer? Come on…

And this isn’t me trying to protect a dino i use on my team, I have a max boosted 29 Testa, and will be the 1st to say it is far to OP, even after its nerf. I also use a level 28 Phoru and as much as i love it, again, its OP. If played right, It can hack away the majority of a team. a 3rd i use is Monolorhino, maxed out 30, its resistances make it OP, those 3 dino’s can all beat there supposed counters, thats why i’m using them, but i’ll be the 1st to say they could do with a tweak here and there.

I personally think they did a great job with Skoona, put it in with a cunning, it will do its job and do it well, put it in with its own class, its on an even playing field, put it in with fierce or a bleeder, its done for if your silly enough to leave him in there, and don’t forget its versatility for raids too, that type of nerf would not only make him useless for arena, but usless for raiding also, not what we want from a dino so difficult to fuse.

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Yes, that’s it

I think her OG kit (when she got buffed 4 months ago) just suits her best. Her IGDI was just too much so I think that ability just needs to be reverted back to her RGD.


Why mess with Skoona? Its fine as is. If you really wanna make it more balanced remove its priority move back to where it was. Its a fantastic raider and pretty much a stable arena fighter which gets squished by Testa, Grypho and IndoTau. Dioraja can beat it. With mind games, SpinoCon beats Skoona.

To be honest, unless Ludia is planning a Shuffle event, its best not not mess up the meta since the playerbase cannot keep up. All nerf/buff cycles do is annoy players and ensure players put the game down. A stable meta matters more than a diverse one. Especially when a diverse meta only exists because players have no choice but the run sub-optimal teams due to lack of resources to change their team. So arena is diverse but it only benefits those who can build the meta of the month and the rest just pray they are not just feeding the handful of Levithans’ egos.

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Fixed as most people wanted it :slight_smile:


I think the moves are perfect like that, but as a resilient, It doesn’t need to hit that hard, a medium decelerating counter would be fine. It already has 1200 damage, a rampage and an impact, a full counter is just too much on It imo. Even without the counter applying vulnerability It would already do more than enough damage to counter any cunning creature, not to mention with how bulky It is.


I’d say MEDIUM decel counter


I love skoona but i think its time its came to a nerf, its priority is just to much and the health doesnt make much sense to me

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Personally I think still too much.

Its has a decelerating move that lasts for 2 moves, it will gain nothing from a decelerating counter.

The Vulnerable counter is to make up for the fact it can’t break shields or armour, so turn 2 in comparison to Gem and Max is pretty weak, with it being an instant move its not benefitting from the vulnerable counter, its just a flat impact that distracts so its more of a defensive strike than a full blown attack like Gem and Max do. I think it needs the vulnerable counter to make up for the fact it can’t break through armour or shields. If your that desperate to give it a nerf, remove the priority impact and give it a medium vulnerable counter. A decel counter is pointless as it slows its opponents down for 2 turns with its first hit, giving it a decel counter would put him on the bench for most people and out come Gem ad Max again.

I still stand by what i say, i dont think skoona is broken.

heres a video, that should be renamed “Winning games 3-0 with Testa” lol

take note of a broken dino at work, especially in the second match, when you can show me a video of Skoon destroying everyting in its path like Testa does in that video, i will whole heartedly eat my own words :slight_smile: