My very first Legendary Dino


Oh my god finally!


Nice bro!! I wish i got a legendary dino :weary:


Congrats :smiley: stegodeus is a beast in the arena :wink:


Gratz! She will most likely become my very first legendary too in a few days! Just need a bit more Nodosaurus DNA…


Congrats, Stego is awesome! I have two so far:


Got mine on Friday, and enough nodopatosaurus DNA today to put her up to lvl 17. Now to grind out some coins to actually evolve it. 15,000 required.


Nicely done. Just fought someone’s Stegodeus. It tanked my Indominus Rex and ground it to dust, then made short work of my Ouranosaurus. Only my Einiasuchus finally took it down. You’ll love her :slight_smile:


Grinding stegosaurs tomorrow. Hopefully I have enough event DNA saved up to fuse Stegodeus