My VIP one year subscription ended, was it worth it?

Well, I paid 304.99 SOLES (my local coin) for a year as a VIP player, and my subscription has ended yesterday 08/01/21, If you ask me if it was worth it my answer is:


My park was at it’s best, thanks to the DNA daily collecting I had so much that I didn’t know what to do, so I raised legendary hybrids that became my cards of triumph in tournaments and the new buildings helped me to improve my superhybrids, I feel thankful and if I have the chance to pay for one more year, trust me that I will.

If you are VIP, squeeze all the juice you can to your benefits, personally it totally helped me to take my Park to a new level.


I am not and have never been VIP but it definitely seems worth it especially if you want to make progress fairly quickly. The double VIP points and the prize drop alone will help build a decent team of dino’s in a hurry, add those to the other perks like the trade harbor perks, DNA building ect… then top it off with VIP exclusive creatures and events and you are probably getting your money worth as long as you are putting in the time to the game.

I get jelly seeing all the prize drop rewards and VIP exclusive trades VIP’s get but I’m too cheap to cough up the $ though :stuck_out_tongue:

Split between three accounts, that’s not very much…

What do you mean? I am uneducated on everything regarding a VIP account. Are you saying that 1 subscription would work on 3 accounts?

Are they through the same App store (Google, Apple, etc) and account (presumably yours)? If so, yes. My wife’s (now abandoned) and my son’s account are on the same subscription and when I was playing on my guest account last summer, it benefitted from my regular VIP subscription.


They are all on the same type of device (Amazon fire tablets) and they are all linked through my wifes amazon account so yes I guess?


Perhaps I’ll have to reach out to support and ask some questions to get definitive answers on how it would work. It would be nice to add the VIP exclusive dino’s to the team eventually :wink:

I have been tempted so many times to go VIP and pay for 1 year at least as I feel like I could get to where I want to faster. I do worry that if I did, the same would happen to this as it did Jurassic Park Builder and I’d lose out. I’d like to think this game has a few more years in it yet, especially with the new film next year…

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Don’t worry friend. JWTG has a lot of life left in it. JPB showed many signs of dying before it did, but JWTG is as alive as ever. If you really want the VIP subscription and can afford it then you may go for it.

Sooner or later, everything will go so enjoy it while it’s here :smiley:


@Subxero11 @Andy_wan_kenobi I found out this week that the VIP subscription works on more than one account on the same device. In the past I used to play on the guest account as well, where I reached level 55. Then I ended up only on the main account and later became a VIP. Now I feel like playing from time to time on the second account just to improve the second park with VIP benefits :grin:


I was unaware that the VIP benefits could be shared on accounts (not that i ever looked into it or asked). But that is a big thing to consider for me as Andy mentioned I am currently playing 3 accounts. The benefits on 3 accounts would be nice and for me make justifying the cost a little easier.


Yes, I also have another account on my phone at park level 4 or so lmao. I joined VIP later than others on main account, but I was surprised to see the VIP calendar giving my second account the benefits of the months I didn’t even have the subscription at.

But take note that this was on a device where I installed JWTG after purchasing VIP on my main, so I don’t think the full calendar benefits since the respective update would show in an already existing park… But that’s as far as progress goes. The subscription takes effect on all connected devices from Play Store.