My vote is yours

Which one do you want me to vote for?

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Segno is better vote for segno


My vote for shark.I need start building aqua park.Have only one tourney.

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I would vote deer

Same here I’ll vote what you guys want since I have these three unlocked.

  • Segnosuchus
  • Edestus
  • Eucladoceros

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I voted Edestus. I need copies for a second level 40


I am in desperate need of herbivores and segno would be great bc I can upgrade to segnosuchus

Voted for segno as most players want it.

I’m going to vote Edestus for more aquatics, but if there’s only one jurassic, you know who’s going to win.

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Sometimes I feel these COT votes are like watching a movie lol. Some kind of plot twist will be bound to happen :joy: