My way to Indoraptor Gen 2 Lvl 40 (FfF ,Battle Infinity , Roar ))

:white_small_square::black_small_square:A little over 1 month ago I decided to go for the end of my game and get the badges that I needed, among those badges was the Indoraptor Gen 2 at level 40 (My indo Gen 1 took it to 40 and sold it from immediate lol). This time I wanted to collect data on how the difficulty increases in some particular events such as “Fight for funds”, “Roar in Legendary unison” and “Infinite battle”.

:white_small_square::black_small_square:Here the compilation of the battles with the Indoraptor gen 2 at its different levels (10, 20, 30, 40) as the strongest creature.

We started with "Fight for funds":money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

:small_blue_diamond:Nvl 1

:small_blue_diamond:Nvl 10

:small_blue_diamond:Nvl 20

:small_blue_diamond:Nvl 30

:small_blue_diamond:Nvl 40 With Rajastega nvl 40 to

:small_blue_diamond:Nvl 40 with Rajastega sold

One more Nvl 40

:large_orange_diamond:Infinite Battle :infinity::infinity:

:small_orange_diamond:Nvl 1

:small_orange_diamond:Nvl 10

:small_orange_diamond:Nvl 20

:small_orange_diamond:Nvl 30

:small_orange_diamond:Nvl 40 With Rajastega

:small_orange_diamond:Nvl 40 Rajastega sold

:white_small_square::black_small_square:I find myself stuck in this last one, using Indo Gen 2 at level 40 I can pass it easily, but I will wait to finish tomorrow’s events to try.

:red_square:Lastly, Roar in Unison (Legendary):1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:

:diamonds:Nvl 1

:diamonds:Nvl 10

:diamonds:Nvl 20

I couldn’t find the images for this level :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

:diamonds:Nvl 30

:diamonds:Nvl 40

:white_small_square::black_small_square:At the moment are all the events (many images :sweat_smile:). Surely upload those of the event this Wednesday. Without more to add, I hope it can serve as a reference for some interested in going for some Indo to Level 40.


lots of good data in your post for folks to look at, something that folks need to consider is that as you level up your indo you are changing your top three creature mix (which is the current running theory of what sets your difficulty). This is a critical data point to consider for anyone looking at doing this for instance below is data for your infinity battles:

Type S1 Health S1 Attack S1 Ferocity S2 Health S2 Attack S2 Ferocity S3 Health S3 Attack S3 Ferocity Total AFS B1 Health S1 B1 Attack S1 B1 Ferocity S1 B1 Health S2 B1 Attack S2 B1 Ferocity S2 B1 Health S3 B1 Attack S3 B1 Ferocity S3 B1 AFS B1 Adv / Dis-adv
level 1’s 4,742 1,482 9,484.40 3,402 1,772 9,072.40 4,493 1,404 8,985.80 9,180.87 - - - - 100.00% Advantage
level 10’s 6,739 2,106 13,478.20 6,739 2,106 13,478.20 6,739 2,106 13,478.20 13,478.20 8,699 2,718 17,396.60 6,975 3,270 17,439.00 9,555 2,443 17,372.60 17,402.73 29.12% Dis-Advantage
level 20’s 9,028 2,821 18,055.20 9,028 2,821 18,055.20 9,028 2,821 18,055.20 18,055.20 6,840 2,613 15,201.60 9,936 3,795 22,080.00 7,719 2,950 17,159.00 18,146.87 0.51% Dis-Advantage
level 30’s 11,506 3,596 23,013.20 11,506 3,596 23,013.20 3,402 1,772 9,072.40 18,366.27 8,802 3,362 19,560.40 12,073 3,773 24,146.60 10,801 2,762 19,639.40 21,115.47 14.97% Dis-Advantage
level 40 14,045 4,389 28,089.80 5,044 1,742 10,618.40 3,402 1,772 9,072.40 15,926.87 7,804 2,981 17,343.20 11,873 3,036 21,588.20 6,688 1,710 12,160.00 17,030.47 6.93% Dis-Advantage
level 40 no Raja 14,045 4,389 28,089.80 3,402 1,772 9,072.40 4,493 1,404 8,985.80 15,382.67 9,173 2,867 18,347.40 15,479 1,835 21,351.00 6,728 2,570 14,952.00 18,216.80 18.42% Dis-Advantage

Notice your highest team ferocity is actually when your two indo’s are at level 30 and that is only slightly higher than your team of lvl 20 s by about 300 ferocity. From a difficulty perspective your team of level 10s had the hardest relative battle with a 29.12% disadvantage against your opponents team. But I have seen infinity battle difficulty range from even all the way up to 170% disadvantage (this high was a data point from @Bandeezee) but regularly Infinity battles can hoover around 30-80% of a disadvantage to the player and they will fluctuate from week to week.

Another thing for folks to keep in mind if you undergo this same process is if you uncover nasty Infinity battle make sure you clear it before selling anything otherwise your other events will get easier but that battle will be frozen until it is cleared. Then and only then will its difficulty be reset back down to your new lineup.


What’s roar in unison? Can someone send me a pic of the event?

I think that is the legendary rarity event?


Thank you very much for your comments, excellent table to have the data in better order.

Curiously I noticed that I had the slightly more complex confrontations with Indo level 30. Even after taking it to level 40 the rivals seem to have dropped in ferocity especially in FfF or maybe it was only due to the type of creatures that touched me, maybe it is a lot more complex if you face more carnivores (as in the infinite battle phase).



It is precisely the rarity event, we have one on Wednesdays and another on Sundays (I think)

Screenshot_20220105-133149_Jurassic World


So very helpful this thread is, and seeing that 4 days and 6 more hours of cooldown, I can easily tell that a max level IRap lives its life on vacation. :sweat_smile:



After several weeks I took my 2 indo to lvl 10 and I ran into this, I think the average ferocity dropped a little :thinking::thinking: compared to indo lvl 40 and 2 indo lvl 1

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Whoa, this does still look harsh man. :face_with_head_bandage:

Final looks are mesmerizing, but I wouldn’t be that courageous as you are. :clap:t2: