My week off JWA ... reflection

As someone who’s been playing since near the beginning, VIP, “lots” of money into cash etc. Play probably 4-5 hours everyday.

I was banned Friday evening for bad chat ethic. I still have days left in my ban but WOW do I miss playing the game. I assume this is what it is like to quit smoking cold turkey haha.

Regardless, definitely going to watch what I say in the game from now on.

If anything, learn from my mistakes because this has been a LONGGGG week!!



Welcome back

Well, still banned in game but cant help but keep up to date on the forums … lol

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Banned for bad chat ethic what?

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I find it funny that most people come from countries which ensure freedom of speech yet we can’t talk freely inside a game we play while still in those countries!! A bit silly right especially in a game with violence(depictions of combat with bleeding etc) that may not even be appropriate for children. Just put an appropriate age rating on the game and let the adults have their free speech maybe!?! Ridiculous cheaters can get into the top ranks no ban, say a bad word week long ban what the!!!


What could you have said that was bad enough to warrant a week long ban :thinking:. I mean people blatantly cheat and many only received 24 hour bans if that.

Exactly ludia seem to be more afraid of us communicating than the cheats quickly killing the game

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.


I’m not going to say what I said but to be honest I was a little surprised I got banned lol. I just need to remember people of all ages play this game.

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There should be an option to turn off the chat restrictions.

Sean, did you get banned for language or a poor choice of priorities?

Ha, just kidding. I wasn’t too surprised at the week off though. See you in a few days.

Hahahah are you in my alliance?

Just to reply to Beast up higher. If you have ever been on forums or chat rooms that are not tightly monitored… Man they devolve quickly. Not sure banning someone from the game for chat violations is appropriate but trust me when I say an unmoderated forum is a disaster. You think people would be able to handle posting on a simple forum but it only takes a hand full of jerks to derail and devolve entire threads.

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He got booted for posting in alliance chat not forum?!?

It does if the consequences would be going to jail, or rejection from a government-owned/public forum, or termination by your government employer. Social ostracism, banning by a private company, no. Free speech does protect you from consequences, but only those imposed by the government. So you are correct in context, but that popular retort is an overstatement.


People seem to forget that while this and alliance chat looks like a public forum, these are privately owned, and Ludia can govern however they see fit–and that’s totally okay. I like knowing my kid can pick up my phone and I don’t have to worry about what she might read in the apps I have open.

Am I in your Alliance? I guess you won’t know until Friday :joy:

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I hope they at least first gave you a warning before the ban. Plead “auto spell correct mishap”, haha. See ya in the game soon!

Freedom of speech does not extend to a privately owned forum or game, in which you agree to terms of use when making an account.
That said, Ludia does go way overboard with the filters.

Hey Sean. It’s been well over a year since you made that “x-rated” comment that got you a week’s suspension. I was probably one of only 20 people in your Alliance that read it.

So funny. The reason I’m replying is that your comment just popped into my head. Totally forgot about it. Just started laughing.