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My Week with the Prize Drop

This thread is similar to @Cagkan_Coskun ones with the two weeks of modded adventure. Here it is one week of results in the prize drop with those rules: i never buy VIPs and Gold tickets, always 11 of the bronze ones and the silvers 15 only when they are for Dna. Before of showing my results i will tell you i made this thread for low-level players that are desperate because they have little resources. In my opinion Prize Drop is one of the best way to gain resources after PvPs and Tournaments off course. Here results:
DAY 1: 11 Bronze ticks (Food and Corytho)
4x 12.500 food(50.000) 3x 18.750 food(56.250) 3x 150.000 food(450.000) 1x Corythosaurus (!)
DAY 2: 11 Bronze ticks (Dna, Utahraptor and Giganotosaurus)
4x 25 Dna (100) 5x 40 Dna (200) 2x Utahraptor
DAY 3: 11 Bronze ticks (Coins, Tropical Lane, Nundasuchus) 15 Silver ticks (Food and Kapro)
Brz ticks 5x 25.000 coins (125.000) 5x 37.500 coins (187.500) 1x Nundasuchus
Slvr ticks 200.000 food and 275.000 food ( Accidentally log out)
DAY 4: 11 Bronze ticks (Coins, Pelecanimimus,Dsungaripterus) 15 Silver ticks (Coins, Rhamphorhynchus x2 and Parasurolophus).
Brz ticks: x5 25.000 coins (125.000) x6 37.500 coins(225.000)
Slvr ticks: x9 55.000 coins(495.000), x5 80.000 coins(400.000) 1x Double Rhamphorhynchus
DAY 5: 11 Bronze ticks (Dna)
7x 25 Dna (175) 4x 40 Dna (160)
DAY 6: 11 Bronze ticks (Food and Gallimimus)
6x 12.500 food (75.000) 5x 18.750 food (93.750)
DAY 7: 11 Bronze ticks (Dna, Park Oasis, Irritator)
7x 25 Dna (175) 3x 40 Dna (120) 1x Park Oasis

Finished so, if you count i totally got:
1.557.500 Coins
1.200.000 Food
930 Dna
1x Park Oasis
2x Utahraptor
2x Rhamphorhynchus
1x Nundasuchus
1x Corythosaurus
I hope to have been helpful, Therizino!


What about prizes from the various prize wheels?

I got a Diplocaulus and a Silver Fidelity Pack in which i found an Euoplocephalus. Sorry, had to write it but my fingers ran too much on the keyboard to remember it!

As a non-vip, I find the prize drop pretty useless as I can’t access the VIP prize drops or diamond fidelity. I can only get the VIP dino from diamond fidelity if I buy both the bronze and silver prize drops all the time AND fork out a bunch of dinobucks. No thanks!

I would even like to het the VIP prize drop

Wow looks so helpful, marked as to be read in detail later on. Nice job @Therizino2.0 🤌 :clap::clap:

Thank you Cagkan!

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