Mylodon: Evolutions and Stats

Hello my fellow Jurassic enthusiasts!!

Here are all of Mylodon’s evolutions:

Here are Mylodon’s stats at Levels 10/20/30/40:

Here is Mylodon maxed out in photo mode:

What do you guys think of this creature?? To me, it just seems pretty similar to creatures we already have. I’m hoping for some more unique creature designs in the future.


mylodon has no physical difference at 40, personally I find it a shame that it is not a cave, I may have a slight preference for magatherium





no seriously, why is mylo ice ! I mean, this thing lived in caves or in the savannah, so I can at least understand that it is a savannah type, but that it is an ice type, I don’t understand, the poor thing, it must freeze in his biodome, I hope he has doctors specialized in hypothermia of big giant sloths in Jurassic World


I don’t know, but because the survey, bumpy or now when I saw lvl 40 mylodon, they are trying to do lvl 40 without many changes at the designs, I really prefer the different designs of the animals when they reach lvl 40, for me this one of the best things in this game, the beautiful designs of the dinos at lvl 40.


What the developers can do is a player can change the skins, for example I max a lvl 40, but I can have a option in game to choose the other skins if I like a skin at lvl 30 for example

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I can imagine a sort of reclassification for Mylodon, putting it in where Gigantophis and the other Xenarthrans are, now having to takedown Urtinotherium in 5 shots and Mammut in 2 shots, same sort of scenario with Coelodonta

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Necro-post (reviving old threads).