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Myriad of Furies Clan Recruitment!

Hello everyone! We are looking for a few more players that are active, and hit hard on the alphas. We recently hit a 5* alpha, but couldn’t get past it as we didn’t have enough damage output. We only need a few more people though, about 3750+. Just post your battletag and number, and I will invite you as soon as I can!

  • Toothless

Toothless can invite me back? i left to try to fix the errors since yesterday,
Xinajorn #5100 :grin:

@Daniel_Figueiredo did you have log in issues as well, the 143 and 245 errors, which prevent you from logging in?

yes, leaving the clan fixed it, however i want to know if the problems will come back when i rejoin

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Okay then, @Toothless1 can you plz kick me from the clan? I haven’t been able to log in for the past 9 hours :frowning:

Ps i’m zhyangod in the clan
PPS @Daniel_Figueiredo i also hope you won’t get the errors again when you rejoin the clan :stuck_out_tongue:

take me back ! :frowning:

This is Vixxen. I’m about to exit so I can play the event tomorrow. So I need you to get on and be ready for when I leave so you can get back in okay? Then when everything is fixed Toothless can add me back in. Reply when you’re ready please

im here on my PC, phone is charging a little bit, how about in 10 minutes?

Sounds like a plan

its charged enough, you can go whenever you want

Go. Tell me if you’re in

yes im in !

And the problem continues. god.

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Hello Daniel… this is DukeTheGreat

Duke did you start a new clan or something?

I joined one.

  1. you interested?
  2. they require 4500

team is loaded. Just beat 2M dragon & we could have went 2.5-2.8M