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Mystery/Puzzle achievements

I don’t like the idea of not knowing what needs to be achieved. It’s very annoying and frustrating. I think Ludia should change this and simply list what needs to be done to complete each achievement.

I like how some are mysteries, that way every high lvl player won’t finish them in a snap(even if some have been done in the past). If you just want to finish them quickly might I suggest using a website that allows you to see what the achievements are and need? I forgot the name but I am 100% sure there was a topic with a link to the website

Well, it’s a waste of time figuring out what each could be. Are you referring to this website?

Select the Box(es) and highlight them. You’ll find out what’s hidden.

Thanks! :wink:

The achievements are brilliant for a reason I’m not sure many have noticed, they incentivize every aspect of the game. By rewarding for darting xx different commons (and resetting after each tier of the achievement) they have you darting everything again. By rewarding donations and receiving donations they have incentivized clan interactions. By making some combat achievements only truly possible in tournaments they’ll get you participating and by making some requirements PVP season only they will get more activity in the arena. They’re hoping By getting everyone playing again you’ll remember why it was fun once, it’ll work for a time


Yes, but some of them are ridiculous i.e. “upgrading” dinos with 20 hp/attack/speed boosts on them. I don’t want to be forced to use 20 hp/attack/speed boosts on any creature. What if I want to boost 15 hp, 5 attack and 5 speed? Also, many players have all level 30 dinos now.

Yeah bang on the money here. We were getting a decline in weekly incubator tier but thanks to the achievements that has shot way back up. Though yeah the mystery ones are a bit silly imo as it just makes me want to look them up, no real fun trying to work out what they are, but hey different strokes and all that.


lots, I don’t but many older players do, and that’s why its a grind