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‘Mythical’ creatures

What about next level ‘Mythical’ creatures for the next update…?

Not yet, the monetization is not at its fullest potential.

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Lord Lythronax is the only holder of that title.


What about mighty Goats?


When I think Mythical, Loch ness comes to mind. And nine head Hydra lol

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They are Lord Lythronax’s loyal servants.

I used to think of this. I also thought they would be named magnificent, unlocked at 25 and all dinos would get to become level 40 as maxed and later 50 once a new rarity came. I thought it would come around this time since I thought of this about a year ago. It’s probably not going to happen until they see tons of players have progressed into the mid and late 20’s.

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I really did like the idea of Indo Rex

indom plus indo