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MyVeryWaitjurassic fes

I joined MyVeryWaitjurassic fes. I am a member. It’s a very good alliance. If you want to join, tell @Fabrizio_Armellini. And you can get more uniques because they already reach badlands. They treated me as friend. And they have good manners. But you guys must play everyday. Any questions, you can ask me or @Fabrizio_Armellini. Good luck. Rule 1: active players everyday. Rule 2: Cannot 0 trophies. Rule 3: only speak English and Italiano. Rule 4: No rude or vulgar words. You guys can request guys. But you guys must finish all daily missions. Make sure you guys put some creatures in the shared sanctuary every day. If you improved the bigger ones will promote you. Our alliance is waiting for active players.:blush:

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I speak English and Spanish but no Italian. both requirements to join? seems hard to learn a third language.

no no. good english and spanish too. if you want to join the alliance you are welcome