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MyVeryWaitJurassicfes we are recruiting

we are an alliance looking for active members! we are looking for members who are active who defeat the 10 dinosaurs in the tournament! that they do hatchery every day! that they do a lot of pvp!
all this to raise the level of the alliance! weekly hatcheries we reach 8/9.

but we would like to get to 10/10! we are therefore looking for active members! if you are interested!

Hello. If you don’t mind, can you change it to where this post is in Jurassic World Alive? That way people who want to join know what this is? Also, instead of New Members, maybe do [Your Alliance] is recruiting! As your title. Just suggesting from a poster like yourself.

thanks for the help!

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No problem.

we are an alliance looking for active members who play every day and who are active. we eliminated some players who weren’t playing. for this the MyVeryWaitJurassicfes alliance is looking for active members. we get to rank 8 / 8-7 weekly. if you are interested please contact me.