Name a dinosaur you still hunt

Okay, I’ve been playing since the first month JWA came out. Lately, I’ve noticed that there aren’t any dinos in the wild that still excite me. it used to be, if I saw a T-Rex or Tuo, I’d have to jump up and “go for a walk”. This hadn’t happened in a long time, so I’m wondering, what dinos do you still get excited about in the wild?

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Rhino :rhinoceros:, I both love to see it but also hate to since it’s a pain to dart who ever decided on the darting areas to move back in forth need to be (insert something here).

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Mommoth, Titanoboa, and Allosaurus G2.

Ok, in reality I get excited for Trex, Kentro, Darwino, Kaprosuchus, Dimetrodon, Argentinosaurus, Delta, and a few others.


Not much, really. Rexy. If an Erliko shows up, I still jump out of my socks. Argentinosaurus & Secodonto sometimes. Kentro if it’s within convenient reach. These aren’t in my spawn zone, but I would be really excited to see Quetzal or Grypo. Now that Rexy is a daily reward, I might make a little more effort to pick up velociraptors off the side of the road as I’m going along

Carbonemys I guess. I don’t really target things much anymore. I go out and dart what I see.

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Carbonemys and Grypo are my main hunts. But neither are that easy to find. I still dart velociraptor/rexy and any epics, even if I don’t need them anymore. I want lvl 30 rexy mine is only 23.

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I love to hunt Irritator gen 1 and baryonyx gen 2…wait


Anky, T-rex, Carbo, Sino/Tarbo (almost done), Grypo, Argentinosaurus, Dimetrodon, Brachiosaurus.

I will make an effort for Carbonemys, Tuojiangosaurus (Getting Tuoramoloch to L30 as a pet project), Darwinopterus, Maiasaura, Gryposuchus, Wooly Rhino, and Bajadasaur.
Mainly L4 and parks both of which are way out of my way so I only do this when I get a free rare/epic scent. I got lucky with the Darwin rotation so I can actively hunt that daily.
Tarbo, Quetzalcoatlus, Dimetrodon, Argentinosaurus, and Koolsausage G2 I will still dart for alliance members if I see them, but I don’t set out for them. (I’m amazed how many still need Tarbo. LOL)

Well, you need quite a lot of Tarbo to get Thor to 30 :slight_smile: from 29 to 30 alone is like 80k+ already.

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It was a hot item for our alliance as a whole around July/August, then slowly turned to other stuff as our night time players filled the demand. Then we got some newer recruits lately that are more than happy to donate hard to get stuff and are requesting Tarbo. Older members are just looking around at each other and pummeling them with it. You would think Velociraptor would be the most common request.
Just rare stuff and Tarbo. LOL

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Velo is easier to dart I guess :slight_smile: I get 300 on it all the time, sometimes Tarbo wobbles to all the wrong directions and I get only 200!

I bet you’re right. LOL
Velo is always 300+
That Lumbering erratic jerk can be anywhere from 180-220ish

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Excited? No, nothing. Ill grab epics and a handful of rares, but ive completed the dex so only really levelling up team and maybe futureproofing on updates.

Considering Im Kinda At The Middle Of The Span Of the Game I Still Dont Have Very Many Things But A Common I Still Actively Search For Is The Raptor I Almost Have It At Level 15 And Erlidominus Is One Of If Not My Favorite Dinosaurs And I Already Have Trex At Level 15 With Tons Of DNA!

Nothing in the wild really make me go out now.

Only special hunting weeks of exclusive creatures force me to go out but that is now gone for 3 more weeks.

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Nothing excites me on a hunt anymore. There aren’t enough new creatures out after each update fir that. However I still hunt because while the DNA might not be of use to me, it could be to the lower level members of my Alliance.

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Tis dark times when Colin couldn’t care less.


At work and home I’ll dart pretty much anything that comes within the circle. When out and about I will stop for any epic and most local based rares and then (time permitting) dart anything else within the circle.

I’ll dart any epic except spino g2 and baryonyx, and some of the epic hybrids.