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Name change? im sadly kingoffarts

I admittedly have the worst name in this game. Is there a way to get your name changed? I don’t think I even picked this name in game and it was auto given to me because it was my name in a game I played years ago through the gamecenter. Any direction would be appreciated to have a name more in line with the game. thanks

I love your nick name, mate! :joy::joy:

looking through some other threads on ludia games it appears as though when you log into the game if you are linked to gamecenter you automatically get assigned that name. I feel this is kinda not right as people use different names for different games. Hell this was a dumb name I made just to troll a friend on another game that required gamecenter and now I have been stuck with the thing. It would be real nice if you allow changes and also stop the gamecenter and your games from auto syncing and not letting people choose their name in game as it would then stop this problem from happening altogether

its funny but dumb, im in my 40s now and sadly my buddy that I used this name with when we played games together has passed away so kinda would like to just retire it :confused:

@Kingoffarts I know @Greenwave changed his nickname as well as our former leader Above Glamour.

Hey Kingoffarts, could I ask you to reach out to our support team here at If you could include your support key in the email as well, it’ll help our team find you faster in their system.


will do, ill take a screenshot of my info and send it. thanks for a prompt response!

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I want to change my IGN(&Forum), too.

Hey Dungeoneer, you’ll need to reach out to our support team for more information on changing your name in the game.

If you’re requesting a forums name change, please reach out to one of our moderators. :slight_smile: