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Name has been moderated


Is this for real? My username was moderated? Whoever reported it needs to be banned from the game because this is absolutely ridiculous. Now I can’t even change my name so I’m effectively locked out of the game.


Just tap there and enter a new name then you will be able to play again.


I tried that…it won’t let me change my name…as I stated above


Whats it say when u try and pick a new name


Im assuming ur not trying to re-enter ur old name :joy:


You tap the gray name area and type a new name then confirm.


^ a name that isnt against guidelines :+1:t3:


How the hell does that name violate any terms?


Brink can be a surname. It seems that Ludia does not allow full names as in-game names. So no one reported it actually. It is to just prevent ppl from using other ppls names I guess.


No names in ur ign. Against privacy policy


Well we’ve all learned a good lesson here. Potty mouth.


My thoughts exactly!!


Brink COULD be my surname but it’s not… wouldn’t it be a more prudent policy to message the user before locking them out? My game wouldn’t even allow me to pick a new name (tapped every square millimeter of the screen). I ultimately had to uninstall and reinstall the app.


After that you could change your name? Game working now for you? @Travis10Brink