Name our Dino’s

I wish we could name our Dinos that we have. I think it make the game a lot more fun.


I always wanted this but I think they would have a problem with some people making inappropriate and offensive names. I have a person in my alliance who named themselves Rexoffender which to me is borderline. I had one person requesting to get in my alliance with a really inappropriate name so I just rejected them.

I would love to name our dinos but maybe where we submit names and they approve or disapprove or have a huge list of names we can draw from. I would name my Morem Rex, Bubbles. I would name my Tarbognathus flock, Snap-Crackle-n-Pop.


Honestly, ludia needs to just remove the training wheels and allow us adults to use any language we want.


That would be funny for Ludia to add that and then just have someone put different names on all of the raptors from the jw pack


To get past that, it could be something like only you can see their nicknames. I don’t know if this would work too well, but it could be fun.

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