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Name stuck as guest?


Just curious as to why my name is stuck as Guest? I see the name I picked in game but everyone else (alliance and friends) has my name appear to be just guest. What can I do about this? Thanks!


Ur name is likely against privacy policy and theyre protecting you. My original ign was my name and it apprared as guest


Just change it to something else. U get 3 changes


I changed it once and it cost 2000, and I’m still appearing as guest. I’ll try again thanks


Got it fixed. Thank you!


No problem


How did you get it fixed? I’ve been showing as Guest to my friends and alliance members for two weeks now.


If you’re showing as guest towards others its because ur ign is against privacy policy and theyre protecting you. Just like I told him. Change ur name to something else. Wont go away on its own


My name isn’t a person’s name at all and doesn’t have anything inappropriate in it. This started happening the moment I switched alliances, and I also have a bug where all my old alliance’s DNA requests still show for me, too. I think something just got messed up somewhere.


It doesnt have to neccesarily be a name. There are multiple things it could be that break privacy policy. If it was innapropriate you would get a popup with a forced change of your name for free before u can play again. U just have to change it man


For example


This is what happens with an inappropriate name lol. Community guidelines are different than privacy policy.


I ended up having to change my name. What I had was very similar to my actual name, had to pick something completely different


I changed mine and it worked. Weird, though, as my original name definitely wasn’t even close to being a person’s name (it was just two random words). Oh well, whatever works.